Top 10 Things to Do on “National Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day”

By Danielle Costa,
November 30th is “National Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day”!! How will you celebrate?!

November is not only a month of turkeys and football, but there are many weird and crazy holidays that are being celebrated all month long! One holiday that not many people know about is happening next week on November 30th and it is “National Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day”!!

Everyone knows that staying home when you are sick is not only necessary, but no fun at all! Usually you are laying in bed feeling horrible and taking medicine every few hours in hopes of feeling like yourself again in a few days! But with this holiday, you have the ability to stay home from work, but not feel sick and tired! If you play hooky from work or school, you can go out and do what you want, or stay in and have a ball all while feeling A-OK!

If you decide to celebrate this holiday, here is a list of ten things you can do on your day off!

10. Catch up on your favorite television shows: During the week you are way too busy with school and work to even think about what is going to happen next to the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy or which amazing singer just got voted off of The Voice, but if you stay home on this day, you can hang out all day with your DVR and see what you’ve missed all week!

9. Go Shopping: Who says you have to spend all day at home? When you are busy with work, you never have time to hit up your local mall during the week! Usually you have to wait for the weekend and with all of the people being off from work, the lines are crazy and forget about parking! By taking off, you can hit up every store that you want to and find a killer outfit for your weekend plans, or maybe find that game you’ve been dying to get a hold of!

8. Read a good book: Who has time anymore to sit down and read a book?! If you play hooky from your responsibilities for a day, you can finally pick up that dusty old Kindle that is sitting on your shelf and read the third book in that trilogy you’ve been dying to finish before the movie is released!

7. Do some chores: Now this may not sound like fun, and I am the first to admit that I would do anything but clean my closet out! However, when you are busy and at work all week, you rarely have time to do what you have to do at home! Why not use the time off to organize your life a little more so when the weekend rolls around you can really enjoy the break! BONUS: If you play some loud music and dance around in your socks alla Tom Cruise in Risky Business then you are bound to have more fun than you thought!

6.Start a new project: Have you always wanted to try something new or get into something creative like knitting or painting? If you have and never had the time, why not just use the day off to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do? Try something new and do something creative with your time!

5. Play video games: As every girl will tell you, guys spending all day playing video games is one of the biggest mysteries we face today! How can they sit in front of the computer or X-Box for three hours and still be entertained? However, maybe there is something to it after all? If you are a guy then this will come as no shock to you, and if you are a girl who plays video games, then you will know exactly where I am coming from here! But, if you are someone who doesn’t play video games on the regular, maybe try it for the day! You may find that it is a lot more entertaining than you thought!

4. Investigate some new music: If you are feeling musically challenged lately and like you just don’t have the tunes to get you in the mood anymore, literally or figuratively, than maybe it’s time to jump on your laptop and search for some new bands or singers that get your blood pumping! I love when I find a band that I didn’t know about and fall in love with their music! It’s awesome to know how many talented singers and songwriters there are out there, and it’s a lot of fun to discover them!

3. Go workout: With everything you are doing during the week, the last thing you probably want to do is workout! But, with all of this extra time on your hands, it may be fun to go to the gym or maybe go for a run and let off some steam! Research has shown that working out makes you happy, and maybe that is just what you need on your day off!

2.Try cooking or baking something: Take the time to head over to Pinterest and look up those amazing recipes you’ve always wanted to try, but have never had the time to do. Cooking is fun, and with the extra time you have, you’ll become a regular Martha Stewart in no time!

1.Make your friends play hooky too: Staying home alone and getting things done is all well and good, but why not make some of your other friends stay home too so you can have some company! Make everyone come over and watch movies if the weather is gross! If it is nice out, maybe go enjoy a fun time outside in the park, or if it’s really nice where you live, the beach! No matter what you do, having your friends with you will make it twice as fun!

Are you planning on celebrating the holiday on November 30th?!



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