Top 10 Ways to Stay in Touch

By Ashley Houk,
Nov. 10, National Forget-Me-Not Day

We've all been guilty of not always doing our best to stay in contact with those important people in our lives. With the balancing of work, play, and everything in between, communicating with loved ones isn't always at the top of the to-do list. So, just in case you've been forgetting someone recently, take a moment on this special day of Forget-Me-Not, and try one of these to let them know you haven't entirely forgotten.

10. Send a Postcard
Maybe you're on vacation, or a business trip, take a quick break and stop into the nearest gift shop and grab yourself a postcard to send home. You can keep it traditional, touristy, or thoughtful...anything will work. Even it's just from your hometown, it will remind those far away that they're in your thoughts.

9. Make a Long-Distance Book Club
If you're a family of readers, or if you have friends who enjoy books, swap books with your thoughts scribbled in the margins. Not only will you always have some common ground to discuss, but it will be almost as if you're reading the books together. Plus, these little notes might give you deeper insight to each other and your relationship.

8. Make Custom Calendars
Take pictures of family events, big trips you've taken with friends, or photos from college and turn them into a yearly calendar. All year your loved ones will be reminded, at least monthly, of the good times you've had together.

7. Snail Mail
Oh, good ol' snail mail. Let's be honest for a second. Is there anything better than getting a REAL piece of mail every now and then? It might be one of the best things. Write a letter or mail a blank card with a note, even just a random card on say a Tuesday, to your best friends. It will surely give them a pleasant surprise a few days later!

6. Start a Blog
Maybe you're not the writer type, it doesn't matter. Take your pick of blogging sites and set it up! You can keep your page private and only give the link to those you want to share your memories with. You can blog as often or as little as you'd like, but it's a great way for friends and family to keep updated on the moments they don't get to experience with you.

5. Make a Scrapbook
One of my favorite gifts was given to me by my BFF at high school graduation. It's a small notebook filled with magazine clippings, inside jokes, and silly things that relate to us somehow. Try making something similar for your friends. In creative space anything is game: photos, stories, old notes, or little souvenirs you collected together.

4. Share Share Share
I mentioned trading books, but there are plenty of other things you can share. Maybe you accidentally shrank a sweater and it doesn't fit you anymore, but your little sister loved it. Send it to her! Other ideas for sharing are recipes, jewelry, favorite music or movies.

3. Meet in the Middle
Sure gas and plane tickets are expensive. But, if you can pick a location in between your two locations, costs are cut in half and you get the face time that all relationships require. This is time that can't be beat or replaced with anything else, so it will probably be needed at least once a year. Might as well have fun while you're doing it! Go to Vegas, LA, or some locale you've never been to and experience it with your favorite person/people.

2. Video Games
Maybe writing and creativity isn't your thing. Okay, fine. As crazy as it sounds, this a great way for people to stay connected. Most games now have chat features that allow players to communicate through messaging or voice chat. I know enough guys who game, and these aren't just forums that only deal with game play. More time is spent talking about real life, than whatever is happening on the screen--although that is covered plenty too.

1. Gifts...
They're always appreciated! These don't need to be reserved for holidays or birthdays. And they don't need to be expensive, or cost anything at all. A package of something from your locale like autumn leaves, or something that your recipient doesn't always get to enjoy, can go a long way. Or the more traditional kind of gifts are acceptable too!

Even if you don't always feel quirky and creative, setting aside any time with friends and family will help in keeping the connectedness you had when you were always together. Don't be afraid to Skype, call, text, instant message, or just show up on their doorstep.



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