Top 5 fun facts about Governor Mitt Romney

By Mallory Hatten,

Only five more days until the presidential election! With the countdown in effect, it’s only fair that you get to know the man running against our president on a much deeper level. So we’ve dug up some interesting facts about Governor Mitt Romney thanks to the Washington Post and Random History.

And the first prize for the most disingenuous teddy bear smil... on Twitpic

5. He has worked as a university chauffeur and a security guard at a Chrysler plant.

4. The governor loves hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate milk and meatloaf cakes.

3. The 65-year-old has five sons and 11 grandchildren, after a 38-year marriage to wife, Ann.

2. Governor Romney was named after Milton “Mitt” Romney, an NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears and the cousin of his father.

1. Romney was arrested in 1965 for using huge blocks of ice to slide down the slopes of a golf course and again in 1981 for “disorderly conduct” after ignoring requests to stop driving his boat, which had incorrect licensing stickers.

Photo Courtesy of Twitpic.com



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