Top 8 revealed on 'X Factor': Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller eliminated

By Gina DiFalco,

There are now eight contestants remaining on The X Factor as two were sent home in a live double elimination on Thursday night.

Two of mentor Britney Spears’ contestants, Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller, were sent home.

Ray was first eliminated, and Miller had to sing for survival alongside Demi Lovato’s CeCe Frey.

According to LA Times, Lovato voted to send Spears’ Miller home and Spears voted for Frey to go home.

But after Frey sang Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" and Miller followed with Dido's "White Flag,” Miller was sent home.

"You know what, Beatrice, I liked you from the beginning, but I think this is all getting too much for you," Cowell, who had the deciding factor said, ultimately sending her home.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Miller said "no" when asked if she was OK.

She also sobbed and when asked by host Khloe Kardashian Odom if she had anything to say, she said “I just want to tell my sisters that I love them, and I'm sorry.”

The top 8’s rankings are:

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Tate Stevens
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem 3
5. Diamond White
6. Paige Thomas
7. Fifth Harmony
8. CeCe Frey



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