Top Ten "National Have A Bad Day" Movie Characters

By Matthew Dagen,
These Top 10 People/Things Are Sure To Bring You Down

It's "National Have A Bad Day" day, and what better way to commemorate this random holiday with a list of movie characters that make it their goal to disrupt the good in everyone's lives. (SOME SPOILERS AHEAD)

10. Hans Gruber and John McClane (Die Hard)

In what's kind of a double-entry onto the list, Die Hard features two separate characters that fit the bill of making sure everyone around them has a bad day. Looking at it one way, Hans Gruber and his group of terrorists seize a building during a Christmas party; that's not exactly the holiday spirit the Nakatomi Corporation was looking for in their party. On the other hand, John McClane, the series' hero, makes sure Hans and his guys have a terrible time trying to steal from the vault that the FBI helps them into. Yippee kay yay!

9. The Caller (Phone Booth)

Having to use a phone booth is bad enough, what with the modern technology of cell phones and all. But being forced to stay in the tiny confines of a phone booth while having a high-powered sniper rifle being pointed at you is grounds for a downright terrible day. The Caller, voiced by 24's Kiefer Sutherland, makes Colin Farrell's day a living hell in the film Phone Booth, though he does teach Farrell's Stu a lesson in the process.

8. The Army (The Mist)

This entry, along with half of the Die Hard and the Taken entry, has to do with the good guys. At the end of The Mist, Thomas Jane's character shoots everyone in his car, including his child, to save them from being mauled and killed by the creatures attacking their town. He runs out of bullets, and then as he steps outside, ready to die, the Army announces that they've saved the day. Thomas Jane's day wasn't saved, that just made it a lot worse.

7. Freddy Kruger (The Nightmare on Elm Street series)

The thought of having to become an insomniac to prevent your death would cause anyone to have a bad day. The kids living on Elm Street learned that the hard way. Sleep became everyone in the Freddy Kruger series' worst enemy. Sleep, and the man with the claws comes after you in your dreams. Stay awake long enough to not even realize you're dreaming, and run into Freddy any way. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

6. The Aliens (Independence Day)

The only place Will Smith wanted to be was at a bar-b-que. "And what the hell is that smell?!" Leave it to aliens to ruin one of few days of the year where everyone has off of work, the grills are flaming, and the drinks are flowing. The aliens from Independence Day not only ruined one of the most important American holidays, they kind of also demolished every major city in the world in the process.

5. Heroin (Requiem for a Dream)

Not everything entry on the list is an actual person who causes people to have a bad day. This one is an inanimate object that probably causes more harm than any of the other characters being listed. Each of the central characters in Requiem for a Dream are addicted to heroin. And it's heroin that, day in and day out, causes these characters to descend into the worst that days life has to offer.

4. Bryan Mills (Taken)

If there's anyone in recent cinematic history that you would not ever want to mess with, that person has to be Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills from the Taken movies. When the first film starts out, Bryan Mills seems like a nice enough guy, very likable. Then, sex traffickers have to go ahead and kidnap his daughter. Little do they know, but they just messed with the wrong guy. At least Bryan was nice enough to warn the bad guys what he was going to do once he found them. Bryan makes the traffickers wish they had never taken his daughter, let alone anyone.

3. The Terminators (Terminator series)

Nothing like a cyborg from the future sent back in time to kill you to dampen your mood on any given day, huh? Whether it be the T-800, the T-1000 or the over-the-top attractive T-X, these unstoppable killing machines from the Terminator series will kill just about anyone and everything to complete their objective. And with the opportunity of time travel, these terminators can just keep on coming, resulting in bad day after bad day for anyone within contact of John Connor.

2. The Bosses (Office Space and Horrible Bosses)

Many people work dead-end jobs that they absolutely hate. Most of those people hate their bosses at those jobs. Just ask Office Space's Peter Gibbons or Horrible Bosses' Nick, Kurt or Dale. In all four cases, their bosses do just about everything to make sure their employees are having the worst day possible. Whether it's the excessive reminders about the TPS reports, having to work and miss your grandmother's funeral, being forced to fire someone because he's handicapped, or being sexually assaulted on a daily basis, it's a no-brainer that bosses would be near the top of this list.

1. The Joker (The Dark Knight)

He even said it throughout the movie: all the Joker wanted to do was introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and expect everything to become chaos. He did just that. The Joker took the best man that Gotham City had to offer, and turned him into a cold-hearted killer, blew up a hospital, tamed the mob by out crazy-ing them, and got Batman to question his own choices as a crime fighter. If anyone can break Batman, it's the Joker. if anyone can make sure you have a bad day, that's also the Joker.



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