Top Ten Thanksgiving Décor Tips

By Shannon Toohey,
Ten Thanksgiving decoration ideas

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you are probably getting excited for the fun, food, and family to come! If you are the host this year, decorating your home for the first of the holiday season can be intimidating. Here are some simple decoration ideas to brighten up your home this Thanksgiving!

10. The Table Dressing

Try to find a neutral tablecloth. This will allow all the colors of the food you enjoy to stand out. A popular idea is a brown or tan table runner embellished with leaves to add some more color.

9. The Centerpiece

Because Thanksgiving takes place mostly at the dinner table, the centerpiece may be one of the most important decorations. It will serve as a conversation piece as well as set the mood for the guests. One popular idea is to create your own cornucopia. You can use a wicker shell from your local dollar store and buy some fake fruit and leaves to put inside. Another idea is using any Turkey or pumpkin figurine or decoration you have and use that as your centerpiece. A vase filled with flowers is always a pretty addition. It can be a very simple item. Let your mind wander, who knows what fun centerpiece you’ll create!

8. The Place Settings

Thanksgiving is a “table holiday”, and placemats will be seen and used by all of your guests. Try to use a nice set of placemats and a festive napkin. The napkins do not have to be cloth; some stores sell Thanksgiving themed paper napkins that kids and adults would love. If you have square plates, Thanksgiving is the time to use them. (Everything looks better on square plates I always say), but don’t fret if you only have classic round plates.

7. The Mantle

The mantle is always a good place to decorate. You can make or buy a sign that simply says, “Count your blessings” or “Be thankful”. Underneath it, you can drape fall garland or orange and yellow streamers. Tiny pumpkins are always a welcome Thanksgiving decoration. Your guests will nap by the fire under your wonderful creations after they eat the day away!

6. Wreaths

The Thanksgiving wreath can be full of anything you’d like! Bright oranges and yellows will give your guests and family a happy welcome. Some are full of leaves and red berries. Others have tiny squashes and pumpkins throughout. Any fall themed wreath will work, but is also a Thanksgiving necessity. You can never have too many wreaths on the windows!

5. Candles

Candles are a great addition to the Thanksgiving décor. They bring warmth to the holiday and if you live up north, this warmth will be much appreciated. Try putting them among the table decorations. There are many different scents to remind us of fall such as pumpkin or vanilla spice. You could even take it a step further and light a candle that smells like fresh pine.

4. The refrigerator

If you host the dinner, your refrigerator becomes a prime location on Thanksgiving! Take a moment to notice what pictures and magnets hang there. You can take some bright leaves from outside and stick them among the magnets, photos, and good grades. Also try to rearrange and remove some of the fuss to make the front of your fridge look clean, classy, and festive.

3. Other Ideas

You probably have a few leftover pumpkins or hay bales. You can place them throughout your home to add Thanksgiving flair in the bathroom or wherever you’d like.

2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

If guests come early, the Thanksgiving Day Parade is great to have on the television.It serves as its own decoration with big floats, giant balloons, and musical numbers.

1. YOU

Perhaps the most important holiday decoration for Thanksgiving is you. This is a holiday where we take a step back and appreciate our family and the food we are lucky to have. The most important thing your guests want to see around their Thanksgiving table is you, so enjoy the day!



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