Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,

Here are the Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods every table should have for a delicious dinner you will be thankful for years to come!

1. Turkey- What kind of meal would it be without a big bird that took all day to make.

2. Mashed Potatoes -From the box of homemade, this is comfort food to the max.

3. Stuffing- Absolutely delish.

4. Sweet Potatoes- Try a sweet mash and add cinnamon and raisins, better than desert.

5. Macaroni and Cheese- Try it baked. Put breadcrumbs on top and tons of cheese. You get a crispy golden brown top and a gooey yummy inside.

6. Cranberry sauce- Gives a tangy/sweet taste to turkey or stuffing.

7. Glazed Ham- For those who might not want turkey, or try both.

8. String beans- Something healthy for the table and filling. It does not have to be bland, try it with a little bit of butter and sea salt.

9. Gravy- Either make your own or use the Turkey's natural gravy which is probably seasoned enough from being in the oven and infused with the Turkey's natural juices.

10. Pie- Pumpkin, sweet potato, or even coconut custard. It's an alternative to the more typical pies for the holiday but it is sweet enough to become a staple at your Thanksgiving dinners.



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