Troubles averted on 'Chicago Fire'?

In the two latest episodes of Chicago Fire, we find the squad members stoking fires and handling explosions both on scene and off.

Lieutenant Casey is battling his emotions as he tries to figure out if it is worth his career, family and possibly his life to fight the corrupt cop Voight on his own. He manages to hold his ground as much as he can without crossing any lines. In steps Gabriela's brother Antonio, played by Jon Seda, an honest Detective. He is working secretly to get evidence against Voight. Casey's harassment continues in the form of a drug raid where his fiancee finds a bag of cocaine hidden in the house just as two police are called to investigate. Luckily they avoid arrest with a to Detective Dawson. He soon finds a man willing to wear a wire because his mother is saved from an explosive fire by Casey's heroic actions. Evidence is collected and Voight is arrested. Problem solved?

Gabriela also manages to eek herself out of trouble with the help of a family she helped save with unorthodox and unsanctioned methods. After her third rule infraction, she escapes with just a few days suspension and a party to help get some donations to make up for it. At his party we see that she is still hurt by Casey getting back together with his fiancee. How long will she let this candle burn?

Finally, we see that Kelly is not ready to go under the knife to correct his nerve injury. He would rather woo a pharmaceutical rep to give him hard-core narcotics for the pain. He is headed down a dark path. Where will it lead?



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