Vice President Joe Biden to guest star on 'Parks and Recreation'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Vice President Joe Biden is taking his acting skills to NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

According to New York Times, Biden filmed the episode in July, months prior to gearing up for the campaign trail. According to the report, the filming was expected to be kept under severe lock and key because had it been leaked that Paul Ryan would also expect a cameo on the show.

“It was all very byzantine and complicated. There seem to be all kinds of specific rules, which I never fully understood. But we decided to err on the side of caution,” executive producer Michael Schur explained.

According to the report, Biden’s appearance comes after a longstanding joke on the show where Amy Poehler’s character, Democrat Leslie Knope, has a fascination for the vice president.

Schur explains, “Our first joke way back had Leslie telling her friend Ann that her ideal man would have the brain of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden. For whatever reason, she has an irresistible attraction to the vice president in a movie-star kind of way.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Biden, who will play himself, will only be featured on the show for a mere minute.

Biden’s appearance on Parks and Recreation can be seen on November 15.

Entertainment Weekly posted a video of the cameo, which you can check out below:



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