Victoria Beckham trades faces with ‘Dallas’ star Victoria Principals

By Mallory Hatten,

Victoria Beckham may be prim, proper and lacking outer emotion, but that doesn’t mean she can’t poke a little fun at herself! The Spice Girls diva Photoshopped her face onto a picture of Dallas star Victoria Principal’s body on Thursday, appearing to have joined the cast of the hit TV series.

E! News reports that the mom-of-four enjoyed a visit to Texas earlier this week for an appearance at the Neiman Marcus store, where she apparently got inspired to become one of the Ewing clan.

Victoria tweeted a photo of her superimposed face, along with the caption, “I always wanted to be in Dallas and her I am!!! Spot the difference with Victoria!”

The sexy fashion-designer also shared another edited photo, writing, “Hello Dallas was all a dream!, love, Victoria Principal Beckham x vpb.”

The superstar was referencing a 1986 scene when Bobby Ewing, played by Patrick Duffy, reappeared on the show after being killed off the year before. The entire season following was a dream to Pam Barnes, played by Principal.

Photo #1 Courtesy of Twitter and Photo #2 Courtesy of Twitter



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