'The Voice' Recap 11/13

By Lydia Underwood,

Last night on The Voice, we were given the results of which of the top 12 contestants would be moving on in the show.

After a replay of last night, showcasing just how amazing this top 12 really is, Christina gave a world premiere of her new song with Cee-Lo, “Make the World Move.”

We saw the contestants talk about how ‘The Voice’ has changed their lives thus far.

Sylvia said the first song she sang last night was the first song she sang after she came to America. She talked about how it was an honor to be able to sing on the stage of ‘The Voice.’

The first two safe artists who move on to the live show next week are: Bryan Keith and Sylvia Yacoub.

Next up, a performance by Jason Aldean with Bryan Keith and Dez Duron.

Adam reiterated the importance of song choice and having the right song at the right time, which helps to keep the audience’s attention on that artist.

The next two artists saved: Nicholas David and Dez Duron.

Team Cee-Lo and his team performed together for the first time, singing “Stayin’ Alive.”

Two more artists were saved: Trevin Hunte and Cassadee Pope.

Next, Blake performs “Life is a Highway” with his team for the first time this season!

Another two artists staying in the competition: Terry McDermott and Amanda Brown.

The last two artists moving on to the live top 10 show are Cody Belew and Melanie Martinez!

After watching the show, I am convinced America got it right this time. Stay tuned for next week to watch the top 10 show live!



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