'The Voice' Recap: Top 12

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice is down to 12 vocalists vying to win the NBC reality competition. Each coach has three remaining singers. Now everything is in the hands of America, who will vote for the winner from here on out.

Team Blake took the stage first. Michaela Paige was saved by Shelton last week. Paige performed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” by Pink. Aguilera said that Paige had a voice that was bright, bold and full of energy. Green added that he agreed with Aguilera and that he really had an effortless way of performing. Levine said that Paige was not thrown by anything during the performance, it was very graceful. Shelton said that his heart was pounding because the performance was so good.

Next up, the ex-Yale football player, Dez Duron, took the stage. Duron, a member of Team Christina, performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” the Lauryn Hill version. Green started off the judges’ comments by saying that Duron’s performance was wonderful through and through. Green also mentioned Duron’s “sexual” appeal and the ladies in the audience went crazy with excitement. Levine said that Duron found a style through this performance. Shelton said that he loved the song choice and had to agree with the girls. Aguilera said that it was impossible to not love this guy and that she really sees a true star quality factor that Duron has.

Adriana Louise performed next for Team Christina. Louise sang the Carrie Underwood hit, “Good Girl.” Louise ended the performance by singing to Levine. Green was slightly jealous it wasn’t him who got the serenade; regardless, Green liked the conviction in the performance. Levine said that Louise did a good job because singing an Underwood song is hard to pull off. Shelton said that he was a big fan of Louise and that he was happy Louise made the country hit her own. Aguilera said that she loved how playful the performance was and that Louise keeps challenging herself with technically vocally challenging songs.

Representing Team Cee Lo, Cody Belew took the stage next. Belew performed “The Best,” by Tina Turner. Levine started off the judges’ comments by saying that Belew is one of the best natural performers that remains in this contest. Shelton said that it is awesome to see Belew perform. Aguilera would really like to see Belew perform a more up-tempo song. Green said that he really appreciated Belew as a friend in this competition and that he reminds the audience that this competition is fun.

Up next, Amanda Brown took the Voice stage. Brown performed “Spectrum (Say My Name),” by Florence + the Machine. Shelton said that there are many different elements to Brown’s voice that he had not noticed before. Aguilera said that she is still waiting to connect with who Brown is as an artist. Green said that this performance was a little restricted but that her voice reminds him of the human heart and that is beautiful. Levine said that Brown embodies everything that this show is about.

Bryan Keith took the stage next for Team Adam. Keith expanded his vocal range by singing “Back to Black,” by Amy Winehouse. Shelton started off the judges’ comments by saying that Keith took the lead for Team Adam. Aguilera agreed with Shelton saying that he had a Sinatra thing going on. Levine said that once The Voice starts, it gets to a point when it is a collection of moments, saying that Keith had his moment right now.

Cassadee Pope took the stage for Team Blake following Keith. Pope took on the Kelly Clarkson hit, “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” The performance got a standing ovation from her coach, Shelton. Aguilera said that was her favorite performance from Pope so far and that she could feel her heart. Green added that Pope performed honestly and that the audience could tell she wants to win the competition. Levine said that he saw the soulfulness of who Pope is. Shelton said that Pope is undefined as an artist and that the sky is the limit.

Trevin Hunte from Team Cee Lo performed next. Hunte took on “When a Man Loves a Woman,” by Percy Sledge. Hunte received a standing ovation from his coach, Green. Levine said that Hunte really had a gift from God and that he had never heard a voice like that before. Shelton added that Hunte really did everything the fans wanted, he left everything on the stage. Aguilera said that she really wished Hunte was on her team but his voice was outstanding in this performance. Green said that first off, the miracle of Hunte is just striking Green’s faith and that he is a natural born champion.

Next up, Team Adam took the stage with Melanie Martinez. Martinez sang “Cough Syrup,” by Young The Giant. Shelton said that Martinez really projected on this track and that her range is always present during the performance. Aguilera said that this was Martinez’s most emotional performance so far in this competition. Levine said that Martinez has a style and voice all her own and that she was amazing.

The last performer from Team Christina was Sylvia Yacoub. Yacoub sang “My Heart Will Go On,” by Celine Dion. Green said that he has never heard anyone try to cover that track before and that it was great. Levine added that song wasn’t even a song, it is a moment in the world and that Yacoub did a good job, considering the circumstances. Aguilera was proud of Yacoub that she just went for the performance and she made it her own.

Closing the top twelve performances was Terry McDermott from Team Blake. McDermott sang “More Than a Feeling,” by Boston. Green said that performance from McDermott was damn good. Levine said that he isn’t sure if the audience realizes how good McDermott is and that McDermott is truly special - leaving Levine speechless. Shelton said congratulations to McDermott because he is just special and in the way that he represents classic rock.

The live results show will be tomorrow on NBC.



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