'The Voice' Recap: Top ten perform

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The top ten vocalists took the stage for the second round of live performances on the hit reality show, The Voice. The coaches were able to bring in outside help with the coaching prior to the performances.

To kick off the show, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera took the stage to perform their first duet, “Just a Fool.” The song is featured on Aguilera’s latest album, Lotus. The performance featured a beautiful Aguilera, wearing a straight across bangs hairstyle, and Shelton in classic country style. The two lit up the stage with passion and power in their vocals.

The first performer to take the stage was Sylvia Yacoub, from Team Christina. Yacoub took on “Girl On Fire,” by Alicia Keys. Green started off the judges’ comments saying that Yacoub had grown increasingly more confident and that she always amazes him. Levine added that this was the most polished performance she has had to date and that he was blown away. Shelton said that Yacoub set the bar for the entire night. Aguilera said that she was very proud overall and that Yacoub really blew her away.

Up next was the rocker from Team Blake, Terry McDermott. McDermott performed “Summer of ‘69,” by Bryan Adams. McDermott’s performance brought Shelton to his feet. Aguilera said that McDermott was spot on with his performance and she enjoyed it. Green said that McDermott reminds him about everything that he loves about rock ‘n’ roll. Green is just looking forward to McDermott making his own music. Levine said that he is a big fan of McDermott. Shelton added that he even tried to send McDermott an email about how he felt about him, but he really does remind him of everything that is still right about rock ‘n’ roll music.

Melanie Martinez from Team Adam took the stage next, taking on the White Stripes classic, “Seven Nation Army.” Shelton said that he was very glad to see Martinez back on stage performing with an instrument and that Martinez is the one artist left in this competition that Shelton would like to work with. Aguilera said that there is something very special and unique about Martinez’s vocal performance and that she can see that Martinez is pushing herself more within the performance. Green said that performance was one of the coolest moments on the show, to date. Levine said that Martinez pushed very hard to perform this song and that she dazzled everyone tonight.

Next up from Team Cee Lo was Cody Belew. Belew took on the Beyoncé classic, "Crazy in Love." Belew’s performance left Green not only smiling but also laughing. Levine started off the judges’ comments by saying that Belew was awesome and cocky in the best way. Shelton really enjoyed Belew’s performance but was slightly confused that Belew had once performed “Jolene.” Aguilera loved the performance and said that it was a signature Belew performance. Green said that Belew gave him so much joy and that he is such a cool man with a positive energy about him.

Bryan Keith took the stage next representing Team Adam. Keith performed Billy Joel’s classic, “New York State of Mind.” Shelton opened the comments by saying that fans have really seen another side of Keith and that he personally has become a huge fan of Keith’s. Aguilera added that she really enjoys watching Keith perform. Green agreed with Aguilera saying that he really enjoys what Keith does as a performer and vocalist. Levine said that Keith made that classic song his own and he really embraced the song.

The last performer for Team Adam tonight was Amanda Brown. Brown took on the song, “Stars,” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. The end of the performance had Brown overcome with emotions and tears. Shelton said that he didn’t know the song, but that was the way he wanted to be introduced to that song. Aguilera said that each week there are new elements to Brown’s performance and that the performance was beautiful. Green said that she did a wonderful job and that if she wins the entire thing he would be proud of her, even though she was his “favorite mistake.” Levine said that this song choice was a risk because not many people knew the song and that Brown did her job, making people fall in love with the song.

Following Brown’s performance was Nicholas David from Team Cee Lo. David took on “Lean on Me.” Levine said he could tell David had really gotten into the performance when he lost control of his left leg. He thought the song choice was ambitious and he is a huge fan. Shelton said that this might be the best episode of The Voice so far and that David is becoming a musical legend with his performances. Aguilera said the performance was like chicken soup. Green heard the voice of a generation in that performance and that his vocal performance was wonderful.

The last member of Team Cee Lo, Trevin Hunte, took the stage. Hunte, who has normally performed ballads, took on Usher’s “Scream.” Levine could barely start off the judges’ comments over the screaming audience. Levine said that he truly believed that Hunte could sing anything and it would sound good. Aguilera said this was one of her favorite moments coming from Hunte. Green said that he will support Hunte win or lose or draw and that he loved seeing Hunte young, confident and in command.

Cassadee Pope took the stage next from Team Blake. Pope performed a song written by Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert, “Over You.” The performance brought Aguilera and Shelton to their feet. Aguilera thanked Pope for taking her on that ride and she sold her on the moment. Green added that she looked beautiful and had a wonderful performance. Levine said that this was a remarkably different performance and that it suited her the best so far in this competition. Shelton was overcome with emotion and was proud to see Pope in that moment.

Dez Duron closed out the night of performances representing Team Christina. Duron took on “Feeling Good,” performed by Michael Buble. Green could barely get out a comment above the screaming audience, simply saying that he loved the performance. Shelton added that everyone knew that Duron was a star but this week fans finally saw how Duron fits in musically. Aguilera said that she was very proud of both members of her team tonight and that Duron really brought stage presence and heart to his performance.

The live result show will be on NBC Tuesday night.



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