'The Walking Dead': About to Let go of the Reigns

By Shannon Toohey,
The Walking Dead drama intensifies gearing up to the mid-season finale

It’s almost here! The tantalizing mid-season finale that will no doubt have our hands on our mouths jumping up and down.

When episode 307 “When The Dead Come Knocking” was aired on Sunday, we were left disgusted at some events that took place. As if Andrea sleeping with creepy G (Yes, that is what we will call him.) wasn’t enough.

At Woodbury, Merle pressures hostage Glenn directly about what happened in Atlanta. This is something that we yearned for back in season 2. Unfortunately we did not predict how horrible the circumstances would be when we got to remember that fateful day on the Atlanta rooftop. (Andrea stole a mermaid necklace that day for Amy. Remember the good times!) Merle even mentions T-Dog, and again we are reminded just how horrible these circumstances are. The two will never meet, as many wished would happen. Merle asks for Daryl, which teases their collision once more. Glenn shows how true he is to the group by not budging with the group’s location. He also successfully fights and kills a zombie all while tied to a chair. When Glenn proves his worth, he goes above and beyond.

Andrea is sidetracked with a mission to safeguard Milton while he tries to evoke emotion from a recently passed old man turned walker. Milton seems sad when he realizes that all his hard work may be for none when the man almost eats his face off and Andrea has to immediately put it down. After her experience with Amy, Andrea knows best that walkers are nothing but monsters with no recollection of the past. Shout out to Laurie Holden! She always does a great job with Andrea.

Maggie has endured her own personal hell through this episode. She has to listen to Glenn get beaten on by Merle, and is forced to strip down by The Governor. Again this gives us more of an insight to how horrible the Governor is. Minutes after leaving Andrea, he is getting up close to another woman, and almost raping her. Maggie is forced to walk around half-naked and finally reunite with Glenn, only after giving away the prison as the group’s location. The frightening part about the Governor’s group scouting the prison now is that only Carl, Hershel, Beth, the baby, and a very weak Carol currently remain there. It would be an imminent threat to all of them for anybody to bust in.

Rick learns from Michonne after a tiny trust war occurs, about Woodbury. Michonne knows deep down that she can breathe here. She also knows she has some leverage with the group, so she uses one piece of knowledge at a time. Nothing is said about Andrea, and nothing about Merle. We can assume though, that Michonne does have an urge and underlying motivation to go back- to right things with Andrea. Rick sets up a rescue mission for Glenn and Maggie. This affirms that Rick’s old morals remain even after the death of Lori. (Phew!) He leaves Carl again to go on a rescue mission like he used to do in past seasons, something Lori would scold him for. This time, he left Carl without his mother, but basically in charge of the group. He seems ready, but with a weak group remaining in the prison, it could backfire.

Before Rick leaves, Carl does ask Rick what the baby should be named. He recalls his 3rd grade teacher, Judith. Rick immediately settles on the name Judith, a name from the comic books. Can we at least call her Dee for short?

An important scene from the episode is when Rick finds out that Carol is alive. Carol sees the baby for the first time, and sees in Rick’s face the death of Lori. She copes with new life and death at the same moment as Rick is given happiness knowing that Carol is back!

So much has happened already and as the two groups collide, the dangers become more real. Will Maggie and Glenn be rescued? Will Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and the group make it back to the prison before the Governor’s men do? Perhaps finally a long awaited reunion between Merle and Daryl will happen. There have also been some teasers about possibly meeting comic character Tyreese soon, which is something to look forward to. Previews also show Michonne snooping around the Governor’s lair, who knows what or who she’ll find upon return.

Whatever happens, it is time for Andrea to let us love her again! Somebody just enlighten her! Her heart has got to be in the right place, but hopefully it won’t come to choosing! This Sunday’s episode is a must-watch. Tune in at 9/8c on AMC.

Recommended for mid-season finale: Pillow and/or blanket to hide behind, stress ball, and box of tissues. (Be ready for anything. You never know these days!)



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