'The Walking Dead' - "Hounded" Recap

By Matthew Dagen,
Yeah, Rick Went Off The Deep End Alright.

Merle leads a few of the Governor's men out into the woods after Michonne. The group comes across a clearing with the mutilated parts of a walker strategically laid out on the ground. The severed arms and legs of the walker spell out the word "Go" while the torso of the walker is flipped onto it's "back." Merle chuckles at the thought of a "biter-gram," but before he and the rest of his group enjoy it, Michonne pops out of nowhere. She cuts off Crowley's head and stabs another in the chest, killing him as well, leaving Merle and the kid Merle calls Neal.

In the prison, Rick is speaking with a female on the other end of the phone. The female says she's been calling ever since the outbreak started. Rick tries to find out where she is calling from, but after saying it's safe, the caller won't divulge that information so she can keep it that way. Rick begs the caller to take his group in. She doesn't seem to be having any of it. Rick tells the unknown caller that his group keeps getting smaller, that they're dying one by one. The caller says she'll call back in two hours, then the line goes dead.

Rick returns to cell block C for the first time since before his rampage through the tombs of the prison. He pops in long enough to make sure everyone is OK. He doesn't acknowledge Hershel, who is sitting across the room with Rick's baby, or even Carl, who Rick doesn't know was the one who put Lori out of her misery. Rick then goes back to the boiler room to wait for the next phone call.

Merle and Neal take off after Michonne. Just when it seems like they're not going to find her, she appears right behind Neal. She slices his stomach but doesn't kill him. Merle gets her sword away from her, but Michonne kicks Merle right where it hurts-- right between the legs. As Merle is getting back up, still a little groggy, a few walkers appear. Merle takes one out with his knife-arm, Neal stabs another in the back of the head, and Michonne slices another walker's stomach open, all of its guts pouring out all over her. While Neal is taking care of the walker that was trying to bite Merle, Michonne slips away.

The phone rings in the boiler room and Rick picks it up immediately. It's a man on the other side of the line this time. He asks Rick if he has killed anyone. Rick confesses to killing Tony and Dave in the bar outside of the farm, Tomas and Shane, but only because all of them threatened either him or the group as a whole. The caller then asks how Rick lost his wife. Rick didn't recall telling the caller, this one or the woman, about Lori. The caller said that Rick had mentioned his son and baby, which he did. After a pause, Rick says he doesn't want to talk about Lori. The line goes dead.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea is given a chance to be on "wall duty." After telling the Governor that she despised the fight club the town held, she knew she wanted to get back into the killing walker business. On the wall, Andrea talks with the other girl up there about how they each had to put down family members once they turned. A walker appears, and the girl with the heavy duty crossbow, who claimed to be a great shot with it, gets up to take down the walker. She misses, horribly, twice. Andrea hops up, jumps over the front of the wall, clotheslines the walker, then stabs it in the head.

At the prison, Hershel makes his way down to the boiler room to try and talk to Rick. He tells Rick that Lori was sorry for everything that had happened, and made that clear before she died. Rick cuts off Hershel by telling him that he got a phone call and that a group might exist in a safe place somewhere. Hershel seems doubtful, and that doubt continues to pour in when he picks up the phone and doesn't even hear a dial tone.

Elsewhere in the prison, Daryl, Carl and Oscar are going through the lower levels to clear out any walkers down there. Daryl can see that Carl isn't all there, so he tells him a story of how he lost his mom. Daryl says he was out playing with friends, then when they all heard sirens and went towards them, it was Daryl's house. His mom had burnt to death from the cigarettes she smoked in bed. With no emotion, Carl responds by saying that he had just shot his mom in the face to make sure she didn't turn. They both exchange their "sorrys" for their mothers being dead, then move on through the prison.

Andrea is in the Governor's apartment/office, half-heartedly apologizing for when she hopped over the wall. She also admits that she liked the fights, that she misses the action of being out on the road. She also admits that her feelings toward the Governor are getting a little more than friendly. Out in the woods, Merle is ready to give up his search for Michonne. Neal is wanting to press on, but Merle tries to convince him that she's as good as dead out there. Merle gets Neal's attention, and as Neal looks away for a split second, Merle shoots him in the head. Elsewhere in the woods, Michonne is retrieving her bag from a hollowed out tree when a group of walkers being walking toward her. She has her hand on her sword, but the walkers go right past her. She's still covered in the blood and guts from the walker she split open (the same deliberate move Rick and Glenn used back in Atlanta).

In the prison, the phone rings yet again. It's a woman on the line, a different one this time though. Throughout the conversation, Rick hears his name come up. He pauses, then asks the caller how she knows his name. Rick doesn't get an answer, but does get a disconnected call.

Michonne limps into a deserted town. As she comes around the corner of a building, a car approaches and Michonne hides behind a nearby minivan. As the car comes to a stop, Glenn and Maggie get out. They're on a run to get supplies for the baby. As Glenn comes out of the store with a basket full of baby formula and toys, he hears a voice from afar telling him and Maggie to drop their weapons. It's Merle. As Merle comes a little closer, Glenn realizes who it is, but he doesn't lower his gun. First thing Merle asks is if Daryl is alive. Glenn says he is, and that if Merle stays where they are, Glenn will tell Daryl where his brother is. Merle keeps inching closer, a gun tucked into the back of his jeans. Merle eventually reaches for his gun and fires, shooting out the back window of the car. Glenn ducks behind the car, but when he circles around, Merle is holding Maggie at gun point. Merle tells Glenn to get in the car. He's taking Glenn and Maggie back to Woodbury. Michonne, wanting to help but struggling just to keep herself going, watches as the car drives away.

Back in the prison, Daryl, Carl and Oscar are still out sweeping the prison. Oscar sees a pair of slippers in a cell and gets very excited about them. Outside the cell, a walker appears. Both Oscar and Carl put a couple rounds into it and Daryl fires an arrow into its head. As Daryl goes to retrieve the arrow, he sees a knife is going through the walker's cheek as well. He pulls it out, and sees that it's Carol's knife. In the boiler room, Rick gets one last phone call. He recognizes the voice on the other end of the line this time: Lori. Lori tells Rick that it was Amy, Jim and Jaqui that he'd been talking to earlier. He starts to realize that he's off the deep end, but is now beginning his climb back up. Rick begins to cry, crying into the phone that he loves her and he tried to make everything work. Lori tells Rick that he needs to keep it together so he can care for Carl and their baby. Rick slowly hangs up the phone and heads back to the cell block to join the group.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea and the Governor are doing the nasty in the Governor's apartment. They are interrupted by a knock on the door, to which neither Andrea or the Governor are too pleased. The Governor goes out into the hall, and Merle tells him that Michonne is dead. The Governor wants proof, either her head or her sword, but Merle makes up a story of how she was torn to pieces by walkers, as well as the other men Merle went out there with. Merle does tell the Governor that he came back with a consolation prize: Maggie and Glenn. Merle leaves, telling the Governor that he'll find out where their camp is. The Governor goes back inside and right back into Andrea's arms.

Back in the prison, Rick joins the group in the cell block common area. He goes over to Hershel and takes the baby into his arms and, for the first time, shows affection toward his new daughter. Daryl still hasn't left the cell area where he found Carol's knife. He sees a door moving slightly across the hall and is ready to kill the walker in there trying to get out. He moves the dead walker blocking the door, bursts in, and doesn't see a walker in the closet, but Carol. He picks her up and carries her back to safety.

Rick, still holding the baby, goes outside with Hershel, Carl and Beth. Rick, walking next to his son, makes a note that the baby looks like Carl. As Rick looks up, though, he sees something in the distance that catches his eye. He hands the baby off the Carl, then walks down toward the fence near the gate to the prison. A decent number of walkers are outside the fence, but that's not what Rick is looking at. Among all the walkers is Michonne, holding the basket of formula and baby toys, still covered in blood and guts, and all of the walkers oblivious to her even being there.



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