This Week In Facebook - Will Facebook become the new Craigslist?

By Meghan Giannotta,

Searching for an apartment, a new car, or a job may become much easier for Facebook users than it has been in the past. While many have turned to the popular site Craigslist in the past when searching for classifieds, Facebook may soon make this way of searching obsolete.

Facebook is currently in the process of testing a new app within the site that hopes to soon make Craigslist users' second choice. The classifieds section of Facebook will be called Marketplace, reports The Daily. Through the use of this app, users will be able to create short advertisements that will be made visible on their friends’ news feeds.

Marketplace would allow users to attempt to sell any product or service that was previously being sold on Craigslist. This new tool plans to incorporate Facebook’s recent “promoted posts” aspect, while posting classified adds to news feeds. The user who wishes to send out the news to their friends that they are selling a car, couch, or whatever it may be, will pay a small fee to allow their post to be seen by all of their friends.

While posts that involve the selling of an item require an unknown fee to promote, those posts that wish to send out news will not require a fee. This will include housing advertisements and job searches. When trying to promote that you are looking for a roommate, Facebook will allow you to tag certain people in this post. This allows you to get the news across to who you believe the news would best fit. Similarly with job searches, if a user is posting an employment opportunity, it can be made visible to those who have received a Master’s degree or the degree of the user's desire.

While Facebook’s in-the-makings Marketplace is extremely similar to Craigslist, it attempts to make news of listings available to users in a different way. While the popular classifieds site makes listings available to anyone who accesses the site, Facebook is attempting to create classifieds that reach users based on relevancy.



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