This Week in Fashion: Anthropologie Celebrates 20 Years

By Melissa Goldstein,

Anthropologie - the mere mention of the word evokes a vision of retail therapy like no other. The brand with a gift for wooing customers into their unrivaled, aesthetic, custom-designed stores marked their 20th anniversary this month with a celebration in their first Wayne, Pennsylvania location.

Amid the festive holiday decor, customers were treated to warm cider doughnuts, cocktails and a coveted candle, the volcano, one of the their most popular.

Owned by Urban Outfitters’, Anthropologie has found a way to create environments that women never want to leave. Each store employs talented visual design teams that don’t just roll out inventory, but spend time on unique product placement that tells a story. Whether it’s a poolside cabana with eclectic tableware and mood inspiring candles, or an intimate bedroom with artsy lamps and cozy linens, the spaces offer customers imaginative settings that serve as a landscape for their distinctive clothing.

However, it’s not only the atmosphere that has secured their unwavering clientele. Anthropologie has figured out what women love - a shopping experience where they can discover everything, from exclusive housewares for farmhouse dining tables, to modern accessories and apparel and a multitude of great fitting jeans. Not to mention their emphasis on impeccable service, where seasoned personal shoppers are accessible and attentive to every customers' needs.

Their longevity is not due to any lavish advertising campaigns either. Instead they’ve spent their resources understanding and connecting with their customers; women that are well traveled, confident and now, extremely loyal to the brand.

Happy Anniversary Anthropologie.



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