West Coast Legend Snoop Dogg wants to invest in Celtic football club

By Luis Vargas,
Rapper is impressed with the club after Champions League win over Barcelona FC

Hip-Hop artist Snoop Dogg expressed his desire to purchase enough shares to become a board member of the Scottish football (soccer in America) team Celtic. He’s promised to make friend David Beckham an offer if he buys shares of the club.

The Daily Record reports that Snoop became enticed with Celtic after watching how passionate the club’s fans were in their 2-1 victory against Spain’s Barcelona.

He said, “I didn’t catch the whole Barcelona game but I watched the highlights. I know Barcelona are 
a big deal, and it shows Celtic are a big deal as well. I see how passionate Celtic fans are about their team and I could see myself making an investment if any of the board wanted to sell…I don’t need to run a soccer club but enough of a percentage to get me on the board so I can be heard.”

He explained that his favorite player right now is Celtic striker Georgio Samaras who he has described as “a proper athlete and a pretty dangerous player.”

Goal.com noted on Snoop Dogg’s excitement to go back to the United Kingdom after his ban.

"I love Scotland. I am so happy my UK ban is up," Dogg continued. "I love British Indian restaurants, man - but the best one I ever had was in Glasgow. The food blew me away, man.”



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