'White Collar' returns to USA Network January 22, 2013

By Drew Barile,

If you are new to White Collar, the show is about Neil Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer) a charming con man. Caffrey’s friend and ally, Special Agent Peter Burke (played by Tim DeKay) is a key character during his adventures. White Collar is in its fourth season and set to continue January 22, 2013 on the USA Network. For avid White Collar fans, the continuation of season four with episode 11 on January 22 is highly anticipated.

Episode 10, “Vested Interest,” the last episode that aired on USA Network was a semi-cliffhanger. The episode was an exciting and fast-paced one. The episode addressed many issues, including Neil and Peter’s personal issue over Ellen’s death and the mystery surrounding Sam’s disappearance, all while trying to work together at an FBI conference and simultaneously thwart and catch a criminal plot. There was much occurring during the episode, but the action was well paced and evenly balanced.

The focus of the episode was to discover who Sam truly was and what his intentions were. Sam, played by Treat Willams, was a suspicious figure to Peter and an ally to Caffrey. Peter warned Neil that Sam was not who he thought, as the real Sam Phelps retired to Florida and died three years ago of a heart attack.

Neil became, at Peter’s imploring, more cautious about Sam and eventually decided that he needed to be re-examined. However, before that could be resolved Neil and Peter had to thwart the criminal at the conference, who turned out to be an ex-marine named Ted Anderson who had gone into corporate espionage.

Peter and Neil had initially believed the criminal’s plot was to steal a unique bulletproof vest; however, it turned out to be an elaborate ruse in order to abduct the creator. The creator of the vest, Dr. Drugov, played by Pawel Szajda, was confronted by Anderson at gunpoint. Peter rushed to his aid in a seventh floor garage lot. Neil, despite his issues with Peter, comes to their aid. Neil and Peter manage to usher Dr. Drugov to safety, and capture Anderson and his cronies.

During the course of the episode, Sam re-emerges from his hiding, and is eventually captured and beaten at Mozzie’s safe house by a mysterious man. Before Neil ushers an injured Sam to the safety of this home, he tends to his wounds with a handkerchief. Unbeknownst to Sam, Neil then gives the blood soaked handkerchief to Peter for DNA testing. While Sam is recuperating at Neil’s home, Neil receives a call from Peter. Peter proceeds to explain Sam’s identity to Neil. The viewer is unable to hear Peter’s explanation and only see Neil’s facial expression. Neil, with shock and surprise on his face, hung up on Peter then confronted Sam. Neil asked Sam, "Why didn't you tell me that you're my father?"

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