Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt be Batman in Justice League film for 2015?

By Drew Barile,

Christian Bale is out and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in as the new face of Batman, according to rumors. It was suggested that Gordon-Levitt’s character from the last Dark Knight film was Robin, but a new report suggests that he could be Batman.

According to HitFix's anonymous source, Gordon-Levitt is set to play Batman in the new Justice League movie. The film is reportedly going to be released 2015.

It is no secret Christian Bale stated he would not return as Batman and considering the ending of the last Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, Bale’s character has hung up the superhero coat for good. So, Wayne has left a vacuum in Gotham for a new superhero to emerge.

According to Time Entertainment, it is official that Nolan is done.

Moreover, that Justice League seems to be Warner Bros. counter-part to Marvel’s Avengers franchise. Considering that Warner Bros. also owns the DC Comics characters, including Batman, the studio can do as it pleases. If it wants a new face to Batman, they can create such a situation. It seems that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is that new face.



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