'The X-Factor' Recap 11/21

By Kaitlyn Vella,

Wednesday night’s episode of The X-Factor was quite an intense one for the contestants. In honor of Thanksgiving, the theme this week was giving thanks. Each of the contestants were asked to dedicate the songs they were singing to the people they were thankful for. This proved to be both very touching and very emotional.

Tate Stevens from the over 25s group hit the stage first, dedicating his performance to his father. He sang the popular song “I’m Already There” by Lonestar. The judges were a little split about their opinions on how he did this week. Both Britney Spears and L.A. Reid believed he did a great job, while Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell didn’t think it was his best yet. They didn’t think he was necessarily bad, but Simon said that Stevens didn’t seem confident while singing this week.

Teen Diamond White hit the stage next to sing, “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion, which was dedicated to her mother. Her performance was powerful, strong and emotional. Spears, Reid and Lovato gave her a standing ovation when she finished. Reid mentioned how he believes the world will be hearing her name for years. Through tears, Lovato said that she was “blown away.” Spears, White’s mentor, thought the performance was very beautiful. Even Cowell was really impressed.

“I believed every single word,” he said.

The trio Emblem3 was up next to sing hit song “Secrets” by One Direction. They wanted to thank their youth leaders, Sean and Ben, for all that they had done for them and therefore dedicated this performance to them. Spears, Lovato and Cowell really enjoyed seeing a different side of them this week, but Reid thought that the boys lacked emotion.

Next up was teen Arin Ray, who wanted to dedicate his performance to his older brother. This week he sang the song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. His mentor, Spears, thought he did a good job, but the other three judges didn’t agree. Reid believed that the song was too big and once again didn’t think Ray delivered a $5 million performance. Lovato said he needed to step it up and Cowell didn’t think that they were hearing who he should be. He didn’t particularly like the performance, but he said he didn’t blame Ray for any of that.

Young Adult CeCe Frey performed “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler after Ray. She dedicated her performance to her older sister who passed away at the age of seven in 1991. Her performance evoked a lot of emotion and all the judges agreed. They all believed she was genuine and that she truly poured her heart into it.

Group Fifth Harmony took the stage next, dedicating their rendition of “Stand By You” by The Pretenders to God and their families. Their killer harmonies really showed during this performance and all four judges loved it. Cowell said that he felt that the girls truly began to “click” as a group. He said he “could feel their friendship” and that it was real.

Teen Beatrice Miller was up next to perform “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. She decided to dedicate this song to her little sisters, who surprised her by coming to the show. Reid said that she was very special and mentioned how he wants to hear her sing all the time. Cowell could tell that the song really meant something to her and added that he really liked her. Spears even went as far as to say that this was Miller’s “best vocal performance yet.” Lovato, though, didn’t like the song choice. She feels that Miller isn’t progressing and wants to her something different, fun and youthful.

Next on the stage was Vino Alan of the over 25s. He sang the famous song “Proud to be an American” and dedicated his rendition of it to the United States Military. All four judges loved it and Cowell even said that he could see Alan ranking number one this week. Lovato brought up that she has been really hard on him, but admitted that she was wrong. She also added that there is “something special” about him.

Young Adult Paige Thomas performed “Everytime” by Britney Spears next and dedicated her version to Colleen. Thomas’s mother passed away when she was younger and Colleen took Thomas into her home and is now her adopted mom. As soon as she began to sing, tears fell from Thomas’s eyes. Spears thought it was beautiful, but the other judges thought that her emotions got the best of her.

Last, but certainly not least, teen Carly Rose Sonenclar took the stage to perform her own rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” She dedicated the song to her older brother, who surprised her by showing up to the set. By the end of her performance, all four judges had stood up to give her a standing ovation. The judges were in awe of her talent and even the crowd couldn’t stop cheering.

“You are an absolute force of nature,” Reid said.

“I don’t believe you when you say you’re 13. You’re amazing,” Lovato said. She also added that she feels Sonenclar will be in the music industry for the rest of her life.

“One of the best versions that I’ve ever heard,” Cowell said, after commenting on how many times he has heard people cover that song.

It was quite an emotional night for both the contestants and the judges, but now it is time for America to vote! The pressure is on being that this week will have yet another double elimination, meaning two acts will be sent home. Thursday night’s result show will air at its usual time at 8/7c on FOX, regardless of the fact that it is Thanksgiving. Other than results, Cher Lloyd will also be hitting The X-Factor stage to perform.

Who do you think performed best? Which two acts do you think are going to be sent home? Let us know!



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