Zoe Saldana bonds with Bradley Cooper's mom

By Marissa Willstein,

Bradley Cooper’s mom knows best. Gloria, the mother of the Silver Linings Playbook actor, is reportedly responsible for bringing Zoe Saldana back in the picture and is now getting more and more chummy with the actress. Cooper, Saldana and Gloria were spotted in Venice, Calif., on Friday enjoying a day of shopping and deep conversation.

The on-off couple broke it off in March but recently reunited in September. Since reconciling, the two seem closer than ever.

“Bradley was standing with his dog outside the Mystic Journey Bookstore, while his mother and Zoe were inside shopping. The two women were engrossed in deep conversation, it looked very serious, and there was clearly a lot of bonding going on,” an insider divulged to RadarOnline.

Proving his commitment to his relationship with Saldana, Cooper rejected the famous burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. According to Daily Mail, the brunette bombshell flirted with him at the Los Angeles restaurant Farfalla and he looked the other way.

“Bradley completely snubbed Dita when she made a beeline for him,” an onlooker explained. “Bradley just wasn’t that into her, he ignored her eye contact and just looked down at his phone.”

Way to go Cooper! Saldana is one good catch.




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