‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Big Opening’

By May Chan,
Max and Caroline’s cupcake shop opens for business.

Did you think we would get to this day? The day when Max and Caroline achieve their dream of owning a cupcake business? Well, they’re not quite there yet.

As Caroline goes around creating a guest list for the opening day, Max holds off on telling Caroline who she wants to invite until the very last minute.

When Max decides that she wants to invite her exes, Johnny and Robbie, Caroline disapproves, but Max wants to show them how successful she has become.

Preparations go underway with Caroline and Andy telling lies to get people to help out with setting up. Caroline even gets a bouncer to turn up to stand guard the door.

Meanwhile, Sophie tells Max and Caroline about her house that’s nearly finished being built in Poland. This is news to Oleg, but he’s surprisingly okay with having some distance between the “old ball and chain.”

Of course, with the party for the grand opening, Sophie expects the party to be her farewell party.

Before the door of their cupcake shop opens, Max and Caroline could not be more excited with Max’s “success” face to welcome her exes and the overhanging arrow sign lit.

The first ex to show is Robbie, who finds Max at the kitchen prepping the cupcakes. Robbie catches Max off guard and admits to being an alcoholic. Since Robbie has attended meetings to get his drinking in check, he has also been advised to make “almonds” with those around him.

Robbie apologizes to Max for cheating on her and stealing from her. News flash! Every time Max and Robbie had sex, he stole money from her, and they had a lot of sex.

Max makes a quip with Caroline, regarding this not-so-good idea of inviting her exes, but then Johnny walks in sans wife.

Johnny tells Max that he never got married, and they proceed to make out at the stock room of Andy’s candy shop. Max is clearly in heaven as they knock over the box of gumballs.

The morning after, Andy and Johnny are at Max and Caroline’s apartment. As Andy makes pancakes, a judgmental Caroline questions Max and Johnny’s relationship. However, Max is quick to stuff pancakes in Caroline’s mouth for every judgmental bit she says.

Andy, too, throws in his two cents on Max’s relationship by pointing out that Johnny seems to fall in love a lot.

With the grand opening party behind the girls, the first day of business is less than stellar with only a few cupcakes purchased by Johnny.

At work, Max tells Caroline something’s missing in her relationship with Johnny. Max thinks that maybe she only wants Johnny when he’s not available.

When Johnny walks in the door, Max tells her ex how she feels, and Johnny seems to agree. Will this amicable split show promise in the future, or will Max find other fish in the sea?

Because business isn’t exactly booming, Max and Caroline take Sophie on as a silent partner. With her dream house not going as planned, Sophie feels depressed, meaning no food and no sex (sorry Oleg!). But with the suggestion of being partners, Sophie’s appetite and sex drive kick in.

Meanwhile, Andy wants to tell Caroline he loves her, but Max suggests Andy make it more romantic, prompting him to watch four romantic comedies back to back.

Unfortunately, Caroline doesn’t get her romantic grand gesture. Nevertheless, an “I Love You” from the toilet and her dressed as a cupcake is better than no “I Love You.”

As for Sophie, chandelier and funky smells aside, it’s safe to say that Max and Caroline’s neighbor is out of the cupcake business.

Tune into 2 Broke Girls on Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBS to see if Max and Caroline will sink or float!



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