'2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the High Holidays’

By May Chan,
Will Caroline and Max make rent for their cupcake shop?

An ecstatic Caroline dances away at the diner as she celebrates the first private party booked at the cupcake shop, while Max celebrates in her own boozy way.

Cut to the cupcake shop, where Caroline and Max are dressed as cupcakes chaperoning a children’s party gone awry.

The next day Caroline and Max receive a visit from Andy, who mentions that the landlord told him that Caroline and Max had not paid their rent.

Andy offers to help financially, but Caroline tells Andy that it must be an online payment not going through.

Caroline is really sure that with the upcoming parties booked and the holidays coming up, they would make rent.

Meanwhile, Max jets to make a cupcake delivery, but Caroline is suspicious about who Max is making the delivery to, and when Caroline follows Max to a seedy building that smells like marijuana.

A prudent Caroline disapproves of Max’s decision to get the extra $600 they need for rent. The moment Caroline goes in room with Max, she complains about the second-hand smoke.

When the girls exit the room, a neighbor gets dragged off by the SWAT team much to the horror of Caroline.

At the cupcake shop, Han pays the girls a visit. Max gets Han to buy some cupcakes, while Caroline receives a call about that a party getting cancelled.

Caroline was about to ask Andy to borrow money, but Caroline couldn’t bring herself to do it. Then, the landlord appears and Caroline and Max turn off the shop lights before climbing out the window, leaving Han alone with the landlord.

As Max bakes a batch of cupcakes, Caroline discovers a bag of marijuana in Max’s purse. Max takes the bag away from her and tries to store it somewhere safe before the whole bag falls on the batch of cupcakes. Max gleefully takes this as a sign from the universe even though Caroline thinks it’s a sign from the universe saying drugs are bad.

Despite Caroline warning Max that smoking marijuana turns Caroline into a completely different person, Max insists Caroline taste test the cupcakes.

Sophie interrupts the girls and announces she is on her period before getting a whiff of the pot cupcakes. Sophie helps herself to the cupcakes and seems cured of her menstrual pain.

Max and Caroline deliver cupcakes to a tech guy. However, Caroline’s side effects from consuming the cupcake have not worn off as evident from her pessimistic personality.

Max apologizes to her customer for Caroline’s behavior before Andy walks in delivering pizza.

An embarrassed Caroline uses the same maneuver she used at the cupcake shop and escaped through the window.

The next day Max tells Caroline about how she had to her pick her from an IHOP at 4 a.m., and Max discovered Caroline covered in syrup.

Max wasn’t the only person, who had received a call from Caroline. Andy received a call, and so did Han, Earl, and Oleg.

Although Andy tried to give Caroline money, Caroline declined, yet when Han, Earl, and Oleg insisted on giving the girls money because they were family, the girls accepted graciously. In return, all the guys celebrate with pot cupcakes.

2 Broke Girls airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. on CBS.

image: CBS



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