‘666 Park Avenue’ Recap: Hypnos

By Freda Eang,

Did anyone see the twist about Laurel being Sasha coming? I knew she was a little strange, maybe a bit ambitious for Henry, but who knew that she was stringing him around all this time? She really is Gavin’s daughter. Other than that lovely surprise, this episode focused on Jane finding out what happened to her when she went down the spiral staircase in the basement. Nona enlists the help of a psychic resident of the Drake named Maris to help Jane through hypnosis. During her hypnosis Jane takes a visit back to 1927.

There, Jane discovers that she’s reliving the life of a woman named Libby, whom Jane later realizes is the woman who is trapped in her mirror. We’re not sure why Libby is in such a state, but the hypnosis revealed that Libby was used as a ritual sacrifice. The connection between Jane and Libby is still unknown, but Jane had the opportunity to see into Peter Kramer’s background as well. She was able to find a journal of Kramer’s that contains symbols (she recognized one as the symbol Julian left behind), but has yet to figure out what they mean.

Meanwhile, Olivia has Shaw tied up and is interrogating him in order to glean information about Sasha. In the episode from last week, Shaw claimed that Sasha is alive, and he can tell Olivia her whereabouts if Olivia lets him go. Not wanting to be played a fool, Olivia takes the precaution of having Andy keep watch over Shaw. Unfortunately, Kandinsky is closely watching the crew and kills Shaw before he’s able to tell Olivia where Sasha is.

We got our answer when Gavin confronts her at the bar at the end of the episode. With only four more episodes until the series finale, I really wonder how everything will be tied together. Does Sasha hate her father that much? We’ll just have to see when the series returns in January.

The next 666 Park Avenue episode will air Sunday, January 6 2013.

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.



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