The 7 Most Shocking Moments on 'Dexter'

By April Chieffo,
The seven most shocking moments of the series so far.

This week, the seventh season of Showtime’s hit Dexter came to a shocking and emotional end. In the final moments of the season, Dexter’s foster sister, Deb, was forced to choose between her brother the serial killer and her colleague, Maria LaGuerta. She had reopened a personal investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher case after finding Dexter’s blood slide at the church crime scene where he killed Travis Marshall. She was close to catching Dexter, and growing more suspicious of Deb.

The final episode, entitled, “Surprise, Motherf---er” had a final moment many expected, maybe just not in the way that it happened. LaGuerta was lured to the shipping yards, called by Dexter’s latest victim, Hector Estrada, who murdered Dexter’s mother when Dexter was just three years old. LaGuerta had gotten Estrada out of jail in an attempt to catch Dexter, since she knew he’d probably go after him. Estrada’s call to LaGuerta was all a set up, as Dexter was going to kill her and make it look like a murder-suicide. Deb showed up when LaGuerta and Dexter didn’t show up to Angel Batista’s New Year’s party. She grew concerned that Dexter was going to kill LaGuerta. When she heard a gun shot at the shipping yards, it put her in an unwanted situation. Hector Estrada was dead and LaGuerta was unconscious on the floor. With her gun drawn, Deb tried to talk Dexter out of going through with killing LaGuerta. During Deb’s plea, LaGuerta regained consciousness and urged her to shoot her brother and “put him down.” Dexter surrendered, telling his sister she was a good person and told her, “Do what you gotta do.”

Forced to make a choice, she shot LaGuerta in the chest, killing her. Immediately feeling guilty, she ran to her fallen friend, crying into her shoulder.

The heart wrenching moment further bonds Dexter and Deb in a unique way. We’ll have to wait until next fall to find out where the story goes from here, and since showrunner Scott Buck recently told Entertainment Weekly that next season is looking to be the last, though it has not been officially set in stone yet, anything can happen.

The intense moment at the end of season seven is just one of many shocking moments on the series. Here are seven other moments that left jaws on the floor.

7. Sgt Doakes’ Death
In season two, Dexter found himself covering his tracks as his dark secret was brought to the surface. In an attempt to keep the police from catching on that he was, in fact, the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter framed Sgt Doakes, who had grown increasingly suspicious of him. Doakes died in an explosion in an isolated cabin, leaving Dexter to plant evidence that pointed to Doakes being the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Doakes did return this season, but only in flashbacks.

6. Travis Marshall Has a Dark Passenger, Too
In Season 6, Dexter wasn’t the only one with a dark passenger. Travis Marshall’s professor Gellar, who seemed to be the mastermind behind all of the Doomsday Killings, turned out to be imaginary. He was a part of Travis. Travis had previously killed him and stored him in a freezer.

5. Deb is Shot
In season four, Miami Metro was on the hunt for the Trinity killer, who killed in cycles. Frank Lundy, who had been hunting Trinity for years, was close to closing in on him before he and Deb were shot. Lundy died instantly. Later in the season, it was revealed that Christine, a journalist covering the Vacation Murderers, was behind the killing because she was Trinity’s daughter. She later ended up killing herself in front of Deb.

4. Deb is in Love with Dexter

In season 6 Deb admitted she was in love with her foster brother Dexter. It was a shocking moment because no one thought the story would go down that path.

3. Dexter Has a Brother, and He’s the Ice Truck Killer
By the end of the first season, not only was the Ice Truck Killer’s identity revealed, a big secret was revealed. not only was Deb’s new fiance a murderer, but he was also revealed to be Brian Moser, Dexter’s brother.

2. Deb Finds out Dexter is a Killer

Deb’s feelings brought her to the church where Dexter was readying his kill. In that moment, she walked in on him murdering Travis Marshall. This discovery changed everything, and brought Deb down a darker path. She helped cover up Travis’ murder by burning down the church in an effort to protect her brother.

It didn’t take long for Deb to piece together the puzzle.

1. Rita Falls Victim to Trinity
Season four of Dexter has yet to be topped. It was a season full of twists and turns no one saw coming. The most shocking of all? Rita’s death. Dexter found her dead in a bathtub, after he tried to get her and his kids out of harm’s way since Trinity had come to close. She had bled out in the tub, murdered by Trinity. The most shocking part of that scene, though, was his infant son, Harrison, was left alone, crying covered in his mother’s blood. “Born in blood” just like Dexter.

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