'90210' Recap: 100th Episode

By Zoe Shapiro,

90210 cannot celebrate their 100th episode without throwing in too many B-list celebrities, a musical act, too many big flashy parties, and a return to high school.

This milestone is celebrated with Naomi trying to enter the elite club of West Bev High alumnae. And in Naomi’s mind the only way to win is to be on top, aka throw a million huge parties that are completely unnecessary.

Going back to the alumni weekend at West Bev, Naomi continually tries to outdo herself by donating a building to the school, and of course throwing a huge party at the Playboy mansion. With all the gang going back to high school, everyone must confront their past.

Annie is the first who has to confront her past, when her crazy ex-boyfriend, Jasper, pops up and tells Annie that he really needs to talk to Liam. Annie is freaked out, especially since the last time Annie saw Jasper, he was setting Liam’s boat on fire.

Liam’s past creeps up fast as well. With another threat about Vanessa’s disappearance, Liam is freaked out and finally confides in Annie. Thinking that Jasper is the one who is sending Liam the threats, Annie is quick to tell Liam and they both go running to find him. Yet upon finding him at the reunion, he is quick to show Liam that he is just trying to get him to be the principal actor in his new screenplay.

Adriana’s past also makes an appearance to shatter a relationship: after finding the video of Ad kissing Taylor, Dixon breaks up with her, but not before making her know that she is not out of their record deal. This won’t be easy for Ad, with Dixon’s attitude flaring; Ad is in for some trouble.

Naveed is the last one who has his past creep back up on him, though he is the only one who has some joy in it. After Silver finally comes out as being a burlesque dancer, Naveed finds it even harder to hide his feelings for Silver. Yet, he knows that Silver still wants nothing to do with him.

Right when the episode seems to be over, the real drama starts, in the presence of Max being fired from the company he started after its new merger, and Vanessa still being alive. It almost seemed too good to be true: Naomi being in a stable relationship and Vanessa just disappearing.

Tune in next Monday to see how these new revelations will make their appearance in the season. Hopefully with no more B-list celebrities or too long musical acts. Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, and Ryan Lochte have been way more than enough this season.



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