AC/DC Top 10 Songs

By Connor Murphy,

What is there to say about AC/DC? They are one of the highest grossing rock and roll bands of all times, and besides the money, one of the best bands in rock and roll history. The blaring guitar riffs of Angus Young, and the rough and rowdy voice of Brian Johnson taking the place of the late Bon Scott in 1980. Kicking off in 1973, and going strong today with their most recent studio release Black Ice, and talks of a new album to celebrate the bands 40 year anniversary, accompanied by a world tour are in the works, you have to appreciate the work that these legends have put in over the years. These rock gods also recently officially released their music for sale on iTunes, and managing to sell 48,000 digital albums and 696,000 songs to just boost to add to the incredible statistic of selling 200 million albums worldwide as of 2010. However, to celebrate this phenomenal rock band, I took on the difficult task to decipher their top 10 songs in my eyes. So here we go, (hint. There may be a track or two off Back In Black)…

Honorable Mention – “T.N.T.” T.N.T. (1976)

Following High Voltage, “T.N.T.” was one of AC/DC’s first real hits, written by Bon Scott and the Young brothers; it’s certainly one of AC/DC’s best known songs. I had to make it an honorable mention, because it’s one of those songs that has to have a presence on a list such as this, also to prevent an uproar. “T.N.T.” was a solid beginning to a phenomenal career of this band.

10. “Highway To Hell” Highway To Hell (1979)

C’mon. Who doesn’t love “Highway To Hell”? This track turned out to be a huge commercial success, a solid rock song in every aspect, and the last real single released before Bon Scott’s death of alcohol poisoning just 10 days after the video below. This song will always live on, much like Bon Scott’s spirit and just never gets old.

9. “Back In Black” Back In Black (1980)

This track was the first big hit for the current lead singer Brian Johnson, to pick up right where Scott left off. This album was actually written in tribute to Bon Scott’s passing, including this track, particularly in the lyric, “Nine lives. Cats eyes. Abusing every one of them and running wild.” Meanings aside, this is a phenomenal rock song with a memorizing guitar riff, and solo at the end. The title track off the best-selling AC/DC album of all time, everybody knows “Back In Black.”

8. “Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” Back In Black (1980)

The final single released from Back In Black, this song is just an awesome jam. I feel this track gets lost in the limelight of some of AC/DC’s other tracks. You have to love “Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”, singing of keeping Rock and Roll alive, and how it’ll never die, and AC/DC sure made that clear over the years.

7. “Let There Be Rock” Let There Be Rock (1977)

“Let There Be Rock” rocks. It tells a fictionalized story of how Rock and Roll came about. The story is awesome, the soul is phenomenal, and the guitar is killer on this track. It deserves to be nuzzled in somewhere around the middle of the top 10.

6. “Hells Bells” Back In Black (1980)

“Hells Bells” was Brian Johnson’s debut track with AC/DC. This song is simly epic from the start, beginning with the tolling of a 2000 pound cast bronze bell.

5. “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” Highway To Hell (1979)

I love this track. This is probably in my personal top 3 for AC/DC tracks, but I have to respect the next couple of tracks. “If You Want Blood” wasn’t released as a single, but it’s as ass-kicking of a song as they come. A perfect song to pump you up, or create some rowdiness, this song will leave you rocking out hard and wanting more. This is some of AC/DC at their best.

4. “For Those About To Rock” For Those About To Rock (1981)

This is an epic song in itself, how many classic rock hits utilize cannon gunshots the way AC/DC can. This is about as much of a rock anthem as they come. The usual awesome AC/DC incorporations, lyrics, and instrumentals all make for this track. AC/DC know how to rock, and I salute them.

3. “Shoot To Thrill” Back In Black (1980)

“Shoot To Thrill” is one of the best rock and roll songs around in my opinion. It’s rock at its roots, the fast paced shredding, the rock lifestyle of “too many women with too many pills”, and really pumps up your psyche. I love to rock out this song, and I have a good feeling I’m not the only one. Definitely worthy of a top three spot.

2. “You Shook Me All Night Long” Back In Black (1980)

Yea, I love this song, it never gets old. Easily within the top two of AC/DC tracks. What’s not to love? The hard rock anthem of Brian Johnson telling the story of a rowdy night with him and his female companion. This song has become a staple of AC/DC, and through the video below, it just shows you how incredibly popular this band is, and there tremendous and wild fan base. …But there’s one song that beats it for the title spot, and I’m sure we all know what it is.

And at number 1. “Thunderstruck” The Razors Edge (1990)

What else? This is one of the best songs ever. It rocks in every essence of the word. This is some of rock and roll at its finest. You hear it all the time because it’s earned the right to be played over and over and manage to never get old. This song is simply mesmerizing and I couldn’t possibly praise it anymore as it speaks for itself.

You simply can’t lose with AC/DC. They’ve discovered the recipe for success, they’ve jammed better than the rest of them. They are all legends in their own right, particularly Brian Johnson with his raspy, powerful rock voice, accustomed to Angus Young’s amazing guitar skills, and not even taking anything away from brother Malcolm Young, one of the best rhythm guitarists around, and Cliff Williams keeping the beat steady with the bass. If I am ever looking to get fired up, whether it’s for a big game, or just to get the party going, AC/DC is the go-to band. They came, they rocked the world, and I salute them.



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