Adele faces $1600 fine for not registering baby boy

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

Adele is facing a $1,600 fine for not registering her baby within the required 42-day deadline.

Adele and her baby!! #adele #2 on Twitpic

She gave birth to a baby boy on October 19, but has chosen not to release his name to fans or the media yet.

Us Weekly reported that it was the first child for Adele and the second for her fiancé, Simon Konecki, who has a five-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Clary Fisher.

Registrars have reported that neither Adele or fiancé Simon Konecki have made an appointment to register their son. That means that anytime they register today and after will already be in excess of 50 days.

According to The Sun, the lack of registration seems to just be an oversight on the superstar’s part, and not an intentional action or statement. Sources say forgetting to register is actually a very common issue.

Adele can expect warning letters very soon. If a birth has not been recorded within three months, even the registrar can be fined.

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