'Up All Night' Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 - 'I Can't Quit You'

By Christina Colavecchia,

Scott (Luka Jones) buys a Jimmy Buffet Margarita machine in an attempt to lure and entertain his and Chris’s new clients. “You don’t understand business, do you?” asks Chris (Will Arnett).

Scott’s ex-wife, Connie (guest star Mary Elizabeth Ellis), shows up at Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris’s house to pick up her son. Chris chastises Reagan for being such good friends with Connie, but Reagan assures him that she is “Team Scott.” Although Reagan and Connie used to be very close (they went to ballet classes together), Reagan promises to not talk to Connie anymore.

Meanwhile, Connie’s father (and Scott and Chris’s biggest competitor in the remodeling business) continues to steal jobs from the two. Chris, being the tough guy that he is, yells at Mad Dog (aka Scott’s father-in-law), “You’re fat!”

Chris is upset about Mad Dog and the lack of business he and Scott are pulling in, and can’t help but crave a cigarette. Scott notices Chris standing upwind of two fellow smokers and asks him, “Are you second-hand smoking?” Chris denies his craving and Scott tells him it’s a slippery slope – “one minute you’re second-hand smoking, the next minute you’re talking through a hole in your throat at your daughter’s wedding.”

The ever-so-charitable Ava (Maya Rudolph) decides to invite a family to spend a day with her. The Palmers, from Milwaukee, are small-town folk and Ava drags them around L.A. showing them “a day in the life of Ava,” which consists of lentil smoothies (that go right through Frank Palmer) and eucalyptus hair masks.

Reagan shows up to Connie’s ballet class in a hoodie and sunglasses, attempting to hide from Connie and anyone who would recognize her. Not surprisingly, the infamous Gene and Terri (the Brinkley’s annoying neighbors) show up and Reagan has to leave in a hurry.

Ava takes the Palmers to watch her try on dresses and, when Ava rambles on about trying to teach them “about inner beauty,” the Palmers have had enough and catch a cab back to their hotel.

After the ballet fiasco, Reagan invites Connie over for some wine and girl time. As the two are catching up, Ava shows up at Reagan’s and bangs on the door until Reagan opens up. Reagan throws Connie into the bathroom to hide her, and Ava vents to Reagan about how awful her “Day in the life of new Ava went.”

Chris and Scott arrive at Scott’s friend’s bakeshop to begin remodeling when Mad Dog shows up and, again, steals the job from, who he calls, the “pointer sisters.” Chris is frustrated with their business and finds himself in a convenience store buying cigarettes (along with a giant pickle in juice, a boob lighter and an air freshener).

Chris arrives home and chews gum to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke. Reagan, who is trying to hide her ballet shoes and gym bag, tells Chris, “You’re home early how wonderful for me.” Chris notices the ballet shoes and yells at Reagan for “tip-toeing around with Connie.” Chris can’t believe that Reagan and her brother’s worst enemy have been “having a tutu party” and realizes that it must have been Connie who told her father about the bakery remodel.

After talking to Reagan, Ava finds the Palmer family and apologizes for the awful day. “We came to L.A. to meet our favorite celebrity,” the Palmer’s tell Ava and, when “Boy” Palmer tells Ava he wants to be an actor, not a doctor like his mother wants, the Palmer family quickly unravels – Frank wants a divorce, but that’s fine since his wife is a lesbian.

Chris sneaks out to the backyard for a cigarette and sees Amy watching him from the sliding door. He promises Amy that he’s had his last cigarette and, when he sees Amy eying the boob lighter, tells her, “Daddy respects woman, I promise.”

After Chris made her feel terrible about lying to everyone about her and Connie’s friendship, Reagan goes to ballet class to yell at Connie for telling her father about the bakery gig. Connie tells Reagan, however, that it was her “dumbass brother” who accidentally emailed her father about the job (and his new beloved margarita maker).

The episode ends with Chris and Reagan in bed. Chris put on a nicotine patch before heading to bed and, when Reagan gets a little rowdy and pulls off Chris’s shirt, the patch ends up on Reagan’s arm. She tells Chris she feels like she “just inhaled a bunch of pool water” and finds the patch. The two realize they both lied to each other and, of course, forgive each other.

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