"Up All Night" season 2, episode 11, 'The Wedding'

By Christina Colavecchia,

The episode takes viewers back to Chris (Will Arnett) and Reagan (Christina Applegate) pre-marriage.

Reagan and Chris decide to get married in Vegas and stand at the "altar" of what looks like a barn wearing cowboy hats and next to a "cowboy priest." Reagan is convinced that eloping in Vegas with a blow-up cactus acting as their witness is a better idea than a big, friends-and-family wedding. Chris persuades Reagan that a real wedding would be much better.

At the wedding rehearsal, Reagan is groped by Chris' Uncle Dennis ("fourth hug's a charm!") and, when Chris tells Reagan that he hid her makeup and bathroom supplies in the garage, Reagan is pissed that he hasn't told his parents that the soon-to-be married couple aren't living together. "I don't want my mom to think you're a floozy," Chris explains, but is forgiven when he reminds Reagan of the wonderful honeymoon in Maui he has planned.

During speeches, Reagan is interrupted by Ava (Maya Rudolph) and Walter (Sean Hayes) who show up with good news. "Guess who just got their own show!" Ava boasts, and the entire rehearsal party shifts their attention from Reagan to Ava.

Meanwhile, Chris' parents attempt to persuade him to wear the family kilt (both Chris' father and uncle with eczema are wearing kilts) but with no success. Reagan is upset that her brother Scott (Luka Jones) and bridesmaid Connie (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) have been making out all night and explains to Chris that Scott "kisses and disses, ploughs and ciaos" her friends.

Although Reagan is upset that Ava ruined her speech, Ava asks Reagan to be her Executive Producer on the show and Reagan is ecstatic. As the good news sinks in, Connie and Scott announce to the party that they're pregnant, and Reagan's hard-to-please mother enthusiastically yells that "this is the best day of my life" because of the news. Scott lets it slip that Reagan and Chris are living together (to which Chris' mom calls Reagan a "floozy") and Ava tells Reagan that the show starts Monday, so the honeymoon in Maui will have to be postponed.

It's finally the wedding day and both Chris and Reagan are stuck in the middle of drama and their self-involved wedding party. Chris explains to his mom that lots of people live together ("lots of people murder people, too," she says.) and is forced to listen to Scott blab on about how he doesn't even know what "Connie" is short for (Constance? Constantine?). Reagan is stuck between Connie and her phone call with Aunt Barb who is trying to find parking at the local Arby's and Ava and Walter who are trying to figure out a song for their new show.

As Chris stands at the lovely outdoor altar in his too-short kilt watching Reagan walk down the aisle, Scott whisper-yells to Connie, asking if she'll marry him. Walter overhears and he and Ava announce to the wedding the news. Again, Reagan and Chris are overshadowed by their guests and wedding party. Reagan storms off and, after Chris follows her, the two get into a heated discussion about "change" and putting the baby-making on hold.

Eventually, Reagan and Chris end up back at the altar and, although things are shaky, they realize they're getting married to each other for the right reasons and, with unconventional vows, officially tie the knot! Chris and Reagan end up in the coat closet with their cowboy hats on enjoying time to themselves. A waitress brings them champagne and tells them her name is "Amy." Both Chris and Reagan decide they love the name.

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