Amazing Race Finale Recap: 'Take Down that Million' PART I

By Lauren DuBois,
Tempers flare in France

In a special two-hour finale episode, teams flew back to Barcelona, and then took a train to the Loire Valley, in France. While on the train to France, Natalie and Nadiya hatched a plot with Trey and Lexi and James and Jaymes to try and force Josh and Brent out, because they felt they deserved a spot in the final three more because the Beekman Boys weren't as strong.

In France, however, The Beekmans proved that they were not going down without a fight, using their knowledge of the French language to show the other teams that they aren't just riding everyone's coattails, but have earned their place in the top four teams. As part of their Speed Bump, Natalie and Nadiya had to stay behind at the Chateau de Villandry to help lace a corset and dress a woman up in an eighteenth-century costume. As everyone else left them behind, tempers flared as they begged the other teams to lose the Beekmans, and accused them of faking Josh's ankle injury, while the Beekman's encouraged the other teams to not listen to the Poor Sports that the twins are, and to instead play nice, because they never did anything to deserve being treated terribly.

At Davinci's tomb, they encountered the Detour. In "Chow," teams had to make the daily meal for a pack of hungry hunting hounds. In "Plow," they had to use a traditional horse and plow to trough four fields. James and Jaymes chose "Plow," while the Beekmans and Trey and Lexi chose "Chow." The twins also chose "Chow." On the way to the detour, Trey and Lexi changed to "Plow." During "Chpw," the twins and the Beekmans crossed more words, fighting as they cut the meat they were using to feed the dogs. Trey and Lexi finished first, with Jaymes and James not too far behind in second. The Beekmans finished ahead to the twins in third, and Natale and Nadiya were once again left behind, muttering slurs about "The gays."

At the Road Block, teams had to search for mushrooms, in a dark cave, collecting ten each of three different varieties. Lexi and Trey finished first again, driving to the Pit Stop. James and Jaymes followed not too far behind. The Beekmans and Twins went head to head once again during the Roadblock, hoping that each would beat the others, Natalie and Nadiya for their dignity, Josh and Brent for their ability to prove they couldn't be messed with.

James and Jaymes arrived at the Pit Stop first, guaranteeing they would not only be first to depart on the final leg, but winning them two all-new Ford Escapes. Trey and Lexi placed second.

In a race to the finish full of navigation issues for both teams, the ultimate victors and third-place team were....THE BEEKMAN BOYS! Natalie and Nadiya's evil, devious ploys throughout the race, finally backfired on them, in the single most important leg besides the final.

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