Amazing Race Finale Recap: "Take Down that Million" PART II

By Lauren DuBois,
And the Winner Is...

Photo credit: CBS.com

Teams found out as they left France that their final destination would be New York City, and that they were headed first to the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Once there, teams had trouble finding their task, which was not obviously marked as a clue, just a sign with red and yellow lettering, and a clue that read "Race to the Brooklyn Navy Yard."

At the Navy Yard, teams encountered a Road Block, where they had to perform an escape act, a la Houdini. They had to hang upside down 15 stories while enclosed in a straight-jacket, which they had to escape from, and then take a terrifying bungee jump plunge back down.

After the Navy Yard, they had to make it to the First Pizza Place in New York, Lombardi's Pizzeria, to find their next clue. They had to deliver ten pizzas to three customers around Little Italy. Once correct, they received a clue with the emblem for the United Nations, and had to figure out that their next destination was the UN Headquarters.

At the U.N., teams encountered a second Roadblock, and the final challenge, where they had to match how hello and goodbye were said at each of the countries they went to, with their flags. Josh and Brent finished first with Jaymes and James hot on their tail, leaving Trey and Lexi behind.

Afterwards, teams made their way to Gotham Hall, where they had to cross the Finish Line to win the $1,000,000.00.

Finally, after three continents, 6 countries, and 25,000 miles, the race's biggest underdogs, Josh and Brent, the Beekman Boys, and Goat Farmers from New York, crossed first and won their first leg ever, and the ultimate prize, of $1,000,000.00. They are also the first gay couple to have done so.

James and Jaymes, the Chippendales performers, and the race's biggest goofballs with the hearts of gold, crossed second.

Finally, Trey and Lexi, and young dating couple from Texas, crossed the line third.



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