'Amazing Race' Recap: "Not a Well-Rounded Athlete"

By Lauren DuBois,
In the semifinal leg, the final four teams travel to Spain

Teams started this leg to find out they were flying to Barcelona, and then taking a ferry to the island of Mallorca. Natalie and Nadiya got on a 6:00 PM flight, with James and Jaymes and Trey and Lexi not too far behind on flights that departed at 7:20 and 7:55 PM. Josh and brent brought up the rear with a flight the next morning, but had a chance to catch up because of a 12-hour wait until the ferry to Mallorca. While they waited, the other three teams took a break from worrying about the race and hung out at a beach. All four teams were able to continue the race on even footing now.

Once in Mallorca, teams had to find a literal devil, as part of a traditional performance of people performing the dance of the devil, and needed to figure out which one had their clue. Natalie and Nadiya had car trouble and fell behind their fellow teams a bit.

Upon arriving at the sports complex alluded to in their clue, teams encountered a roadblock where they had to return 20 tennis balls in bounds. Trey and James both managed to finish quickly, getting out before Josh and Brent or Natalie and Nadiya arrived. Josh struggled due to an ankle injury he got the prior leg, giving Natalie and Nadiya a chance to catch up to at least them again. Finding resolve to not quit, Josh managed to finish before Nadiya despite excrutiating ankle pain. However, Natalie and Nadiya were right on their tails.

Teams then made their way to a cave, where they had to find where two guitarists were playing music in order to get their next clue, the Detour. In "Spin it," teams had to repair a 400-year-old windmill. In "Bull It," teams had to become a bull and charge through eight matadors in two minutes. Trey and Lexi and James and Jaymes chose "Bull It," though after going the wrong way, James and Jaymes switched to "Spin It." Josh and Brent and Natalie and Nadiya chose "Spin It."

After the Detours were done, it was Trey and Lexi who checked in first, winning not only a guaranteed spot in the final leg, but a trip for two to the Riviera Maya. The second team to finish was James and Jaymes who would also officially be racing for one million dollars.

Securing the third guaranteed spot was Josh and Brent. Natalie and Nadiya checked in last, but they would continue on to the final leg, and encounter a speed bump as a result.



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