Amazon greenlights six comedy pilots for your consideration

By Daniel S Levine,

Amazon Studios, Amazon.com’s production unit, is finally getting started after two years in existence. Six comedy pilots have been given the greenlight and Amazon Instant Video users will get to play the role of network executive, deciding which ones will be produced. Several of them come from familiar names, like The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau and The Onion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pilots will be posted on Amazon Instant Video, where users will be able to watch them for free in order to provide feedback. Based on viewers’ responses, Amazon Studios will pick the projects that will get a series order. The shows will be available for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon Studios has 14 other projects on its development slate.

The pilots include Trudeau’s Alpha House, about four US Senators living together; Browsers, written by The Daily Show’s David Javerbaum; The Onion Presents: The News and Supanatural, produced by Schaal and Jason Micallef.

Dark Minions and Those Who Can’t also got the greenlight.

Amazon Studios was founded in 2010. Back in May, the company announced that it would start working on comedies and children’s series.



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