'Anger Management' star Charlie Sheen donates $75,000 to help Jasmine Faulk fight cancer

By Slater Katz,

Anger Management star Charlie Sheen has been quite the philanthropist this holiday season. First giving Lindsey Lohan $100,000 to overcome her debt and now a more noble cause; helping Jasmine Faulk beat cancer. Last Sunday, Sheen signed a $75,000 check to help 10-year-old Jasmine Faulk fight a rare form of pediatric cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.

Sheen’s stunt double and close friend Eddie Braun has followed the trend and gave a $25,000 check to the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association, according to E! Online. Everitt Faulk, Jasmine's father, is a Motor Officer for the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association, which is supporting the family by fundraising for Jasmine's treatment.

The HBPO could not have been more ecstatic about the $100,000 donation from Braun and Sheen. A big thank you was given via the HBPO’s Facebook page: “On behalf of the HBPOA, the Faulk family and those who support children fighting cancer, we thank you for your generous donation.”

For one year, Jasmine will be subjected to a rigorous treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.



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