Arizona Powerball jackpot winner identified

By Daniel S Levine,

The winner of the second half of last month’s record Powerball jackpot has finally been identified as Matthew Good of Forest Hills, Arizona.

The Associated Press learned that Good had won half of the $587.5 million jackpot through a public records request. Good had hoped to remain anonymous after claiming the prize last week.

Good, 37, grew up in working class Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, before moving to the affluent Phoenix suburb. He is currently an electronics industry professional. He decided to take the one-time payout of $192 million and made sure to claim it before the looming fiscal cliff.

According to ABC News, Good had issued a statement through the lottery that read, “It is difficult to express just how thankful we are for this wonderful gift. We are extremely grateful and feel fortunate to now have an increased ability to support our charities and causes. Obviously, this has been incredibly overwhelming and we have always cherished our privacy.”

The winners of the other half of the jackpot were identified as Cindy Hill and her husband Mark of Dearborn, Missouri.

The jackpot was the largest in Powerball history and the second-largest in US history. Back in March, a Mega Millions jackpot grew to $656 million before someone finally won.



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