Australian DJs behind Kate Middleton hospital prank give first interview since nurse's suicide

By Gina DiFalco,

The Australian DJs that prank called the hospital that Kate Middleton was staying in, leading to nurse Jacintha Saldanha taking her own life, have now been fired.

Michael Christian and Mel Greig gave their first interview since the tragic incident, which saw London’s Saldanha, 46, committing suicide following the prank, and they say they’re “heartbroken” over it.

Christian and Greig said their prank was “designed to be stupid,” and Christian added he’s “very sorry and saddened for the family, and I can’t imagine what they’ve been going through,” NY Daily News reports.

“I’m gutted, shattered, heartbroken,” he added. “We’re still trying to get our heads around everything, trying to make sense with the situation.”

Meanwhile, also on Today Tonight, Greig admitted the first thing she wanted to know was if Saldanha was a mother, and indeed she was a mother of 2.

CNN reports that Saldanha was the nurse who put the call through to the ward that the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was staying in, leading to another nurse to divulge information about how she was feeling.

Christian and Greig played Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, and they played the prank on their radio show, which has now been pulled off the air. Advertising has also been pulled and a comprehensive review of relevant policies and processes has been ordered.  

“If we played any involvement in her death, then we’re very sorry for that and time will only tell,” said Greig.



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