Australian DJs pull off prank on Kate Middleton’s hospital, nurse reveals current condition

By Daniel S Levine,

As the Duchess of Cambridge has another day at the hospital due to very acute morning sickness, the media is trying whatever it can to get the latest information on her condition. However, none of them thought to do what two Australian DJs did.

The two DJs for Australia's 2Day radio show called up the King Edward VII Hospital, pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince William’s father. Although they pulled off terrible impressions, they still managed to get to the nurse taking care of Kate, Reuters reports.

“She is sleeping at the moment and she has had an uneventful night,” the nurse told the DJs Tuesday morning. “Sleep is good for her. She's been given some fluids to rehydrate her because she was quite dehydrated when she came in. But she's stable at the moment.”

The nurse then revealed that they could visit Kate after 9am, when she has “freshened up.” The nurse added, “She hasn't had any retching with me since I've been on duty and she has been sleeping on and off. I think it's difficult sleeping in a strange bed as well.”

While the Palace didn’t comment on the hoax, the hospital did, calling it a “foolish prank,” according to The BBC.

“This call was transferred through to a ward and a short conversation was held with one of the nursing staff. King Edward VII's Hospital deeply regrets this incident,” a hospital spokesman said.

Chief executive John Lofthouse added, “This was a foolish prank call that we all deplore.”

The radio station has also apologized, releasing a statement that read, “The radio segment was done with the best intentions, we're glad to hear Kate is doing well and we wish her all the best.”

“We were very surprised that our call was put through, we thought we'd be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents,” the DJs, Mel Grieg and Michael Christian added. “We're very sorry if we've caused any issues and we're glad to hear that Kate is doing well.”

The Palace officially announced Kate’s pregnancy Monday and issued a statement late Tuesday assuring the public that she is getting better.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better. She and the Duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received. She will remain in hospital at present,” the statement read.



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