Bazooka Bubble Gum's redesign will not include Bazooka Joe

By Slater Katz,

Everyone remembers chomping on a sticky piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum as a child. Blowing oversized bubbles that popped on one’s face and Bazooka Joe comics encircling the wrapper made chewing gum that much better. But no longer will Bazooka Joe bring a friendly face to the red and blue wrapper, as Bazooka Gum has redesigned its look due to financial losses.

According to the New York Times, sales are estimated to drop 48 percent this year from 2007.

Bazooka Candy Brands Vice President of Marketing Anthony Trani explains, “What we’re trying to do with the relaunch is to make the brand relevant again to today’s kids.”

The package will now rock graffiti-like bright yellows and pinks and weigh 6 grams as opposed to 4.5 grams, according to Business Insider.

Mr. Carbone, co-author of ‘Dialog’: What Makes a Great Design Partnership, poses an excellent question: “I wonder if they couldn’t have taken more from what they had and re-energized it to make it look cool, like the Juicy Fruit model and Hershey’s model. I think this is a little bit of an overreach because they had some equity and authenticity....”

Photo courtesy of TwitPic.



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