B.J. Novak to guest star on 'The Mindy Project'

By Matthew Dougherty,

Kelly and Ryan may have both left NBC’s The Office early this season but their love stands strong on FOX as B.J. Novak will guest star on Mindy Kaling’s new comedy The Mindy Project.

Longtime Office fans have gotten treated already with Ed Helms, who plays current boss Andy Bernard on the mockumentary series, showing up in two episodes of The Mindy Project and now for another with Novak coming on for two episodes next year, says Vulture.

According to ScreenCrush, Novak will play Jamie, a Latin professor and potential love interest for Mindy.

Off screen, Kaling and Novak describe themselves as being best friends. Novak serves as consulting producer for The Mindy Project and executive produced the pilot episode.

It would not be surprising if the pair also made a return in some form to The Office before it bows out in its final season. The show has already brought back a few key guest stars from the series’ past.

Novak’s guest spot on The Mindy Project will air some time in 2013.



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