'Boardwalk Empire' Recap: Season 3, Episode 11

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
'Two Imposters'

Boardwalk Empire's second to last episode of season 3 was beyond intense. Not only do we see Nucky and Margaret's relationship deteriorate, she leaves him, but we see Nucky again in a vulnerable time.

Gyp Rosetti's men are on the move, looking for Nucky. Two men end up chasing Nucky and Eddie throughout the hotel. They both end up escaping, but Eddie is wounded. Not one to make a scene and being that Nucky at the moment is the most sought after person in A.C., they escape to an obscure house that Chalky White and his men are at. Nucky asks Chalky for help and if both Eddie and he could hide there. Chalky agrees but only if Nucky agrees to open a colored nightclub. In return, Chalky gets medical help from his future son-in-law, Eddie, and Chalky promises that Nucky will regain control of the city.

While Eddie is getting the medical help he needs, Gyp and his men arrive at Chalky's ready to offer him money to know Nucky's whereabouts. Chalky tells him he has not seen him for a few weeks.

In New York, Luciano, is trying to take complete control of the heroin trade. He makes a deal with two undercover cops and eventually gets arrested.

Back in New Jersey, Gyp has taken control of Gillian's brothel and has made her agree to make it his official headquarters in A.C. Gillian is pissed and clearly takes it out on poor Richard. Richard was getting ready to take Tommy out for a walk with his new love, Julia. Gillian is angry and jealous and has Gyp's men escort him off the premises for good.

Eddie is recovering and Nucky actually seems to be concerned about him, even though he has not shown him much kindness in many of this season's episodes. This is where for the first time he becomes aware that he has a wife and children. Nucky gets emotional as Eddie begins reciting Rudyard Kipling's poem "If." As they leave Chalky's for another safe haven, more of Gyp's men come to attack them but they are killed off in another lucky escape by Nucky, Chalky and his guy. Nucky refuses to leave A.C. and wants to restore his power there.

In the end of the episode, we see Eli's son helping out Nucky into hiding. Then Eli, Capone, and Chalky's men come to Nucky's to talk about all the drama that has occurred. Capone then tells Nucky to get him a bed, bath, and that they need to discuss who dies next.



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