Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"Margate Sands"

" Margate Sands," provided more closure and excitement than any other episode this season. For those who were upset with this season, for lack of violence, slow-paced episodes, and those who missed Jimmy, this episode really tied all loose ends.

The episode opens with a montage of violence as Atlantic City is in a war, a fight between Nucky and Gyp, as each wants to claim A.C. as theirs. Capone and Chalky's men are working together but not without fights among their men. Capone even threatened to leave and go back to Chicago with his men, but he has one common goal, to kill Gyp Rosetti. Capone and Chalky are the only men Nucky has to fight this war, so he needs them now more than ever.

Masseria is pissed with Gyp because he has already lost 12 out of the 43 men that he gave him. He is mad that Gyp does not have Nucky yet. On the other side, Nucky refused Mickey's offer for the distillery and Mickey has offered it to Rothstein. He has agreed and then calls Nucky, who makes an agreement with him to have Masseria pull his men from Gyp's hands.

As for Rosetti, he has taken over the Artemis Club, and has held Gillian captive. After she offered up her home and asked if she could leave with Tommy, Rosetti says he needs her to stay there with him. He offers to treat her like a Queen if she stayed. We think they are going to be romantically involved but one night before getting intimate, Gillian tries to stick a needle filled with heroin into Gyp, but he catches her and pricks her instead. Gyp then gets up quickly off the bed, to discover that all of Masseria's men are fleeing the Artemis Club. As for the rest of Gyp's men, they are in for a rude awakening. The true hero of the show, this season, Richard Harrow has returned after being kicked out by Gillian, to save Tommy. Here we see the best scene of the show, where Richard goes on a rampage killing everyone in sight to save the little boy. He does not get Rosetti or Gillian but he saves Tommy and takes him to Julia's for safety. Richard, however, leaves him there and disappears into the night.

Gyp is able to escape with a few men and eventually ends up at the beach where Tonino, who seemed to be his right hand man most of the time, show up. As Gyp is doing a Nucky Thompson impression and relieving himself while the men stand back and hear him singing, Tonino stabs him in the back. Truly part of the deal that Masseria made with Rothstein, which helps Nucky in the end.

In New York, Lucky is interrogated and forced to give heroin up, after being set up. Also, Rothstein will definitely be serving time since Nucky sold him out as revenge for not being on his side for the last few episodes. Andrew Mellon reported to authorities that a criminal organization was running the distillery.

In Brooklyn, Nucky has gone to see Margaret, who left him and took the children to live there, after Owen's death. He goes to get her back. Margaret also decided to end her pregnancy and she claims she is completely lost without Owen. As Nucky tries to apologize to her, he tries to give her money but she will not accept anything from him and walks away from him for now. We think Margaret might be sick of the gangster wife lifestyle but we have to wait for next season to find out.

The last scene are pretty interesting but leave us wondering. Capone and Chalky ambush Masseria's men while they are leaving town, not part of the three-way deal between Masseria, Rothstein, and Nucky but we know it happened for a reason. At the end we see Nucky all alone walking on the Atlantic City boardwalk after having one of the roughest years to date. We can only hope to see him regain control of the city and see what Nucky will be bootlegging next or what business he will have in the next season.



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