Christina Aguilera gets outrageous holiday sweater from Ellen DeGeneres, says she’s ‘psycho over Christmas’

By April Chieffo,

Christina Aguilera got a very special gift from Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s show. The “Your Body” singer was a big fan of one of Ellen’s outrageous holiday sweaters, she practically begged the talk show host to give it to her.

“There's no one like @TheRealXtina,” Ellen DeGeneres tweeted. “Especially not in this sweater.”

Christina, 31, was a big fan of the sweater’s embellishments.

As it turns out, Christina is very festive around the holidays. She revealed she started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. One of her more prominent decorations is a two-story high reindeer. She also puts up six Christmas trees, including one main tree she picks out with her son, on display in her house. The trees all have a specific theme.

“[I have] a pink one, a white one…one [tree] has, sort of, an Asian theme, a Japanese theme, [an] old fashioned [theme.] I’m psycho over Christmas,” she told Ellen.

She also revealed that she’s a very organized gift giver and she starts the gift shopping process months in advance.

“I actually take notes throughout the whole year. I have lists…if someone, in casual conversation, says that they like something or they need something, I take notes all year and I actually do pride myself on being a pretty good gift giver. I keep lists of what I did before so I make sure I don’t repeat. I’m very organized.”

Photo: Ellen DeGeneres, Facebook



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