Classic video games becoming exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Jon Hall,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) has announced its plan to feature an exhibit early next year dedicated to classic video games. The interactive exhibit will have many classic hits, however the exhibit has some wondering, is this art?

According to PC World, the exhibit will include a large number of favorites including Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tempest, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Another World, Myst, SimCity 2000, Vib-Ribbon, The Sims, Katamari Damacy, EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress, Portal, flOw, Passage, Canabalt, Spacewar!, Pong, Snake, Zork, Yars’ Revenge, M.U.L.E., Core Ware, Marble Madness, The Legend of Zelda, NetHack, Street Fighter II, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64, Grim Fandango, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft.

Fourteen of the games will be displayed next month and over 40 are planned for inclusion over the upcoming years.

“Are video games art? They sure are, but they are also design, and a design approach is what we chose for this new foray into this universe," said senior curator for the Department of Architecture and Design, Paola Antonelli.

Paola's words have their critics. Some feel that the museum will become nothing more than an arcade. Roger Ebert chimed in on the subject back in 2010.

"I remain convinced that in principle, video games cannot be art," he wrote on his Sun Times blog.

What do you think? Do the heavyweight video game titles deserve an exhibit or will it degrade the strict criteria that MOMA has for its art galleries?



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