Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza, mother frequently brought him to shooting range

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

New reports state the Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, took her 20-year-son to the gun range often, prior to the devastating shooting rampage that cost the lives of 20 innocent children and 6 staff.

“She'd take them to the range a lot. … Nancy was an enthusiast -- so much so that she wanted to pass it on to her kids,” Dan Holmes, landscaper and friend to Nancy reveals to New York Post.

He adds, “She took her two sons to the gun ranges quite a bit to practice their aim. She was a really great shot from what she told me. Whenever I finished work and went inside to chit chat, she spoke often about her fascination with firearms. Nancy had an extensive gun collection and she was really quite proud of it.”

Adam has since been noted as ‘awkward’ and that he didn’t like to be around a lot of people.

Previous reports suggest that police have found “very good evidence” that could potentially answer questions of a motive, although that will never bring relief to the grief-stricken community of Newton, Connecticut.



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