Connecticut shooting victims identfied

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

New information is slowly surfacing following Friday’s horrific Connecticut elementary school shooting, which took the lives of 26, most of them children. Now, officials have announced they have cleared the scene and identified each of the victims.

State Police Spokesman Lt. Paul Vance tells CBS News, “Our objective certainly was to positively identify the victims to try to give the families some closure. Our detectives worked well through the night. By early this morning, we were able to positively identify all of the victims and make some formal notification to all of the families of the victims."

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing as many questions loom asking what drove 20-year-old Adam Lanza to kill his mother before driving to the school, armed with many guns, and kill 20 children and six adults.

CNN reports that the ages of the victims range from 6-56.

Previous reports suggested that his mother worked for the school, however officials have been unable to formally link her to the school's staff.

"We haven't discussed that publicly as of yet," Vance explained.

Yesterday’s shooting is the second deadliest in the nation's history.



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