Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg attend ‘Lincoln’ screening for Senate

By Daniel S Levine,

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis and director Steven Spielberg helped put a hold on the partisan bickering in the Senate with a special screening of Lincoln, which both attended last night.

Lincoln, which has earned several awards and nominations, was screened for the Senate at the Capitol Visitors Center in the Capitol. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared a recess for floor debate, hoping that the film might inspire bipartisanship.

“I hope everybody who shared his anti-political mood will go out there and see Lincoln. The movie portrays a nobility of politics in exactly the right way,” Reid said, reports ABC News.

Senators and spouses were invited to see the screening.

Reid clearly loved the film, adding, “For me, it’s what I work with every day but it’s good the American people have seen or will see what the great Abraham Lincoln did to get things done...It’s remarkable.” He also made sure he got a waiver to bring in popcorn to the screening.

According to The Hill, Spielberg met with Reid before the screening and addressed the media. Day-Lewis, screenwriter Tony Kushner and historian Doris Kearns-Goodwin, whose book is the basis for the film, stood by his side.

Spielberg, who already screened the film for President Obama, said it was an honor to show the film to the Senate.

Lincoln is expected to earn several Oscar nominations. It has also grossed over $100 million domestically.



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