David Letterman discusses battle with depression with Charlie Rose (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Late night host David Letterman recently sat down with CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose and discussed the battle with depression he has dealt with for years.

During the interview, the Late Show host and recent Kennedy Center Award recipient spoke about taking medication to deal with his depression.

“[I was] always quite skeptical about it,” Letterman told Rose, reports E! News. “My friend and doctor, Louis Aronne, 20 years ago, he said, 'You should take something for this,' and I said no, because I thought it would make me loopy or make me hallucinate or make me drowsy, and he said, 'I'm telling you, just try a 10 milligram [dose].’”

But then he came down with shingles “...and part of the concoction of drugs they give you to fight that pain are pretty serious, and I just got tired of taking them...So I stopped taking them.”

When he went cold turkey, that didn’t help and caused a “nervous anxiety,” making his situation worse. “And then I was really screwed,” he explained. “So that's when I said to Louis, 'OK, OK, I'll try anything just to get rid of this depression.' Because it's different than, 'Oh, I don't feel good today.' It's different than feeling sad. It's different than feeling blue. It's really, like a friend of mine says, it's the world with 20/20 vision.”

Letterman explained that his son, Harry, 9, and wife Regina Lasko have taught him that he can be a parent and continue his career at the same time.

“I just thought, when the topic would come up, I can’t do both. I can’t try to have a successful television show and be a father. And I was wrong about that — because as difficult as being a father is, it’s entirely complementary with everything else in your life,” he said, according to The New York Daily News. “It’s like you get your prescription updated. You can see things that you never saw before.”

He said he wished he could have more children but joked to Rose, “Look at me...You've got a better shot at it than I do.”

Check out the interview below:

image: CBS



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