Demi Lovato dishes on 'X Factor' judges, expresses gratitude to fans

By Krista Alice Hornyak,

As Thursday’s season finale of The X Factor approaches, Demi Lovato looks back on her judging experience fondly.

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Although she was the youngest judge on the series, Lovato says she was not intimidated by Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, or Britney Spears.

“It’s an honor to sit next to them because they are legends,” she told Parade Magazine, “but I’m a southern girl with a big mouth, and I speak my mind!”

Lovato said she was taken aback by how emotionally invested she became in the contestants. It was stressful for her to see them go when she knew they had so much talent.

But Lovato also had a lot of fun this season. The judges’ varied personalities had a lot to do with that.

“Britney Spears is sweet and humble; L. A. Reid is hilarious and smart; and Simon Cowell is annoying and old!” she told Parade.

When asked about being a role model, Lovato expressed extreme gratitude for her fans’ continued support after all the mistakes she has made.

Lovato’s supporters, deemed Lovatics, were recently crowned the best fans of 2012 in MTV.com’s “Last Fans Standing” contest. Lovatics voted, tweeted specific hashtags, and shared so many pictures of Lovato that they beat out tough competitors such as Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, and One Direction’s Directioners.

Lovato seems to have a positive future in store. She is currently working on a fourth album, which will be released next year.

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